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Company Profile


Enterprise Certification

China Defender (Tianjin) Security Service Co., Ltd.(formerly known as Tianjin Guoan Security Service Co.,Ltd.) is a professional security company approved by Tianjin Public Security Bureau and obtained the security service license,Now it is a member of Tianjin Security Association, and passed three magnificent system certification (ISO09001 , BSOHSAS18001  and ISO14001 ), also passed  the Ecovadis audit.

Location:5/F, Tianlong Building, Muning Road  No.11, TEDA, Tianjin, China


Business Scope

China Defender focus on providing customers with a set of solutions from security services to scheme design and implementation. With professional vision and responsible spirit, and provide all-round guarantee for customers’ peace of mind in working and life.

The business scope involves: security services, security training services, personal protection services, service consulting, security risk assessment, service conference security, central room management, large temporary activities security, parking management service, etc.


Core Values

The core values of integrity, responsibility and innovation are the value pursuit of China Defender, and the fundamental method to support the belief of the company and its employees to realize the vision and mission.

"Integrity" is the moral cornerstone of enterprise and employee. Every employee, every department and every project should attach importance to integrity, obey discipline and law, match words with deeds, and be loyal to the country and customers. This is the basic premise for the company to fulfill its responsibilities and realize the common development among the company and its employees, customers and society

"responsibility"-positive attitude of carrying burden, conscientious work, every employee must adhere to “the part follows to whole, take the initiative to put this liability into conscious action, carry through the company decision to deploy into a speed up transformation of "enterprise specialization" ,unity of will and converted to promote strong impetus in daily security services, being responsible for the country, responsible for enterprise Responsible for customers, responsible for themselves.

"Innovation" is the fundamental driving force of enterprise development and career progress. The development process of the company is the process of innovation. Without innovation, it is impossible to become China's first-class security management service brand. We need to vigorously advocate the spirit of innovation that is bold in making changes, pioneering, breaking conventions and taking risks, and comprehensively promote innovation in theory, technology, management and practice.


The future planning

Tianjin Guoan Security Service Co., Ltd.

Company Culture

Promote the orderly development of China's security industry, provide customers with high-quality and cost-effective security services, and ensure the safety of customers and property Provide customers with comprehensive security solutions to create a platform for employees to realize their personal value.

Tianjin Guoan Security Service Co., Ltd.

National security personnel training system


In order to cultivate high-end security personnel, DEF has established cooperative relations with the Chinese Armed Police Corps of Tianjin, the Texas Police Corps Weifang Special Police Academy, and the Tianjin Police Academy, and has spent huge sums of money to build a specialized training base for armed police.

CHN DEF CO.,LTD Brand Service System


The main use of labor assignments in the form of high-end "security" services, combined with advanced technology and defense measures, won the domestic market demand. Drawing on the business philosophy of foreign special insurance services and the security standards of Zhongnanhai bodyguards in China, combined with the needs and characteristics of domestic and foreign customers, we have formed a unique security service system for  DEF CO.,LTD. Establish new security service standards.


CHN DEF CO.,LTD Enterprise Culture System


Corporation value:

  With quality and service

  With integrity and loyalty

  Fully optimized to protect customer safety

  Escort for social stability 



  Loyalty - loyalty, honesty

  Righteousness - wide-minded integnity and benevolence 

  Bravery - Not afraid of distress and bravery

  Professional - Learn, specialize, and expertise

CHN DEF CO.,LTD Legal Advisory Team


Tianjin Municipal People's Government legal system consultants serve as the company's chief legal advisor experts. Experts also have professional law firms. Professional law firms are composed of a group of outstanding lawyers with extensive legal practice experience and legal theory, and are the government agencies at all levels. Large and medium-sized enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, and major economic projects serve as legal advisors, and numerous successful cases have won good social praise and established a good lawyer image in all sectors of society.



Business advantage

CHN DEF CO.,LTD unique advantages

The first batch of licenses issued by the Ministry of Public Security have been obtained. The detailed information of each security of DEF needs not only to be filed with the Ministry of Public Security, but also to be filed with the public security authority at the customer's location for multiple supervision. The “Security Inspection Information System for Security Services” funded by the Ministry of Public Security provides “six verifications” of security personnel (citizenship information, records of illegal records, qualifications for employment, qualifications for driving, qualifications for guns, and qualifications for services) and “five comparisons” ( Persons who are fleeing at work, control objects, records of bad practice, pre-criterion of fingerprints, and pre-examination of figures). Never fail to ensure your employment safety!


Resource advantage 

Through comprehensive budget management, in accordance with the requirements of strategic planning, internal optimization and integration of capital resources, service platform resources, scientific and technological resources, customer resources, brand resources, and group management resources are achieved.


Ability advantage

The company’s long-term service to Fortune 500 companies has accumulated practical experience that forms the basis for CHN Def Co.,Ltd management capabilities, including high-end services capabilities, advanced experience and practical capabilities, innovative thinking capabilities, market brand operation capabilities, and domestic and international regional coverage capabilities (regions Local competitive advantage and national network support


Cultural advantages

The company pursues the principle of realizing corporate value and practicing the coordination of social responsibilities, adhering to the "ideal, professional, and efficient" spirit of the enterprise, synchronizing the development of the enterprise with the industry, and synchronizing the development of employees with the enterprise.

Organization Structure

Tianjin Guoan Security Service Co., Ltd. 

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