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Security Service


Security Service



Security Service

In order to meet the security needs of citizens, legal persons, and other organizations, in accordance with laws, regulations, rules, and relevant state regulations, the specialized security protection services and related services provided by enterprises and organizations that have been legally established. Security services generally take the form of guards, guards, patrols, escorts, personal guards, crowd control, technical precautions, and security consultations in accordance with the contract to protect customers' personal, property, and information security, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.


Guardian Patrol

Conduct inspections, verifications, inspections, and registrations of entrances and exits of customer units; conduct care and guarding of specific targets; conduct inspections, inspections, and warnings on specific areas, lots, and targets.

Crowd control service

The security guards maintain the service of public order in places where people, places, and locations are located.


Technical Protection Service

The security service company uses scientific and technical means and equipment to design and install various types of alarm equipment and regularly maintain the areas and targets designated by the customers, and provides alarm-receiving, early-warning and other related technical protection services.


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