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Elite Team


Elite Team

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Following the tenet of "respecting knowledge and respecting talents", China Defender respects every employee of the company and creates a good working and living environment for them.

Company established a perfect human resource management system, scientific, fair and operable evaluation system and effective incentive regulation, fair and just promotion system and so on, we should institutionally ensure that the talents to stand out, for it to create a harmonious working environment, respecting people, caring people, has the high degree of satisfaction from professional achievement in career.


Quality Security Team



China Defender has a security service team with advanced management level and excellent professional quality. There are more than 900 employees in total. 90% of the company's middle and senior management cadres are excellent demobilized soldiers. Adhering to the core values of "integrity, responsibility and innovation",Zhonganweishi is committed to boosting the development of enterprises with advanced management concepts and scientific standardization construction, and leading the industry with innovative thinking.





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