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Security Service Company Becomes an Emerging Service Industry


Security Service Company Becomes an Emerging Service Industry


As we all know, China’s security service industry is a new service industry that was created and developed during the initial period of reform and opening up. The security management system at that time was determined by the planned economy’s thinking and management model. The security service company was established by the public security authorities and was established by public security agencies. Direct leadership and management. It can be said that this system has played an active role in the early development of China's security service industry. With the gradual improvement of China's market economy, the old management system has seriously hampered the healthy and orderly development of the security service industry. Its disadvantages are reflected in: First, the integration of government affairs and management; the separation of government and enterprises; and the lack of business autonomy; second, monopolistic management and painting, and weak competition; third, the single investment entity cannot establish a modern enterprise system in the true sense; Fourth, practitioners have low wages, difficulty recruiting, high turnover rate, and low quality, and are trapped in a vicious circle. Fifth, the security market is a mixed bag of good and bad, lacking necessary regulations and supervision.

After joining the World Trade Organization in 2001, China will fully integrate itself into the world economy. All industries and industries face not only competition in the domestic market but also greater competition in all aspects of the international market. This is also true of the security industry, especially After the implementation of the Regulations on the Management of Security Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”), the security industry in China is facing enormous challenges and opportunities. The survival of the fittest is the natural law and the basic law of the market economy. Therefore, in order to survive in the fierce competition, it is necessary to expand itself. The restructuring of existing security service companies has become an inevitable choice for the security industry to adapt to market competition.


Trends in the development of security services

With the promulgation and implementation of the "Regulations," China's security service industry has ushered in a leap-forward development opportunity. An open, well-supervised and sustainable modern security service market will gradually take shape. This is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

The first is the standardization of security service management. After the implementation of the "Regulations," the separation of management from the public security organs will no longer directly operate the security service company, which will help it better perform its supervisory duties.

The second is the diversification of security service providers. According to the relevant provisions of the "Regulations", as long as the eligible units and individuals can apply for the establishment of security service companies.

Third, the quality and level of security services will be greatly improved. Due to the diversification of security service providers and the diversification of investment channels, market competition will surely be formed gradually, and competition will contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of security services and the level of security services.

Fourth, the scope of security services has continued to expand. With the orderly competition of security services, the demand for security services will increase as the society grows. At the same time, it will also greatly promote the development of the security service industry itself, and the scope and areas of security services will continue to expand and expand.


Security service company's existing restructuring model

The "Regulations" makes relevant provisions for the establishment of a security service company, which means that the security service market will be further opened, the investment subject will be more diversified, and more social capital, especially private capital, will be injected into the security industry, bringing the industry With unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the security industry in China will usher in a new development climax. There are various forms of corporate restructuring such as sole proprietorship, joint ventures and stocks. As a special industry, the security service company must actively seek for a restructuring model that meets its own development. With the implementation of the "Regulations," the Ministry of Public Security issued and issued the "Notice on Centralizing the Implementation of the "Safety Services Management Regulations" Publicity Week" and the "Administrative Regulations on the Implementation of Security Services by Public Security Organs" to strengthen the "Regulations". Publicizing and implementing the work, local public security agencies, security associations, and security service companies have all started to take action. While learning and using the "Regulations," they are actively exploring new ideas for the restructuring of security service companies.

The first is joint-stock reform. Reforming the joint-stock system of the security service company, with the Central Government’s “Decision on Major Issues concerning the Reform and Development of State-owned Enterprises” as a guideline, establishing a modern enterprise system in accordance with the relevant policies and regulations of the State and its provincial and municipal state-owned enterprise restructuring to achieve clear property rights, The purpose of clear powers and responsibilities, separation of government from enterprises, and management science. The company organized a security service company to conduct capital clearing, capital verification and asset assessments, and formulate an implementation plan for restructuring. According to the implementation plan, state-owned assets were bought out once by the restructured new company, and all state-owned assets were withdrawn. The new company is formed by the company’s employees in the form of shareholding companies. The original company’s creditor’s rights and debts were all received by the new company. The employees were all resettled by the new company and signed the labor contract again. Security service companies in some provinces and cities have already carried out reforms of the company’s shareholding system and reorganized development companies.

The second is the group operation mode. Through mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and other methods, we will implement strong and strong alliances, expand the scale of enterprises, strive for economies of scale, and increase our ability to compete and resist risks. Security service companies are labor-intensive companies with limited market resources. How to integrate resources and continuously improve the market competitiveness of enterprises is one of the issues that the industry continuously considers. At present, some security service companies in China have embarked on the road to group management, gradually forming economies of scale, and have great influence in the country and even across the country. The verification of the market and the continuous improvement and development of security service companies by taking the grouping road can enable enterprises to have strong strength and strong resistance to risks. For instance, Wuhan Security Group Co., Ltd., Kunming Security (Group) Co., Ltd., and Hainan Golden Eagle Security Group Co., Ltd. have embarked on a model of strong alliances and group operations.


Reflections on the Reform of Security Companies

At present, the reforms carried out by security service companies all over the country are being carried out. There are many methods and methods of reform. With the further implementation of the "Regulations," local security administrations and security service companies proceeded from actual conditions and actively explored the road to restructuring that met the requirements of the "Regulations" and their own development needs. We will now discuss the actual situation of security work in Zhejiang Province and individuals’ understanding of the reform of the security service company system.


First, the security services company restructuring feasible solutions.

First, the overall transfer, that is, on the basis of clearing capital and nuclear assets, transfer the employees of the police and public security organs who have served in the security service company from the company to the public security agencies, and integrate the security service company as a whole (including human and financial assets and creditor’s rights). Debt) is handed over to the state government department of local government for management. Whether it is reformed and how it is reformed is decided by the state-owned assets department.

The second is the transfer of the agreement, that is, the transfer of the entire package (including the employee’s creditor’s rights and debts) agreement of the security service company to the unit or individual on the basis of the clearing and verification of the capital, mainly to the existing company’s management personnel and employees. The relevant departments of provinces and cities signed the agreement.

Third, the public auction, that is, on the basis of clearing capital and nuclear assets, after evaluation, the overall package of the security service company (including employees’ debts and debts) has entered the property rights trading center and is publicly auctioned to the public.

The fourth is the partial opening up and government control, that is, starting from the stability of the domestic security market after restructuring, adopting the practice of partial opening and government agencies holding two steps.

Fifth, the changes in the main body and the system remain unchanged, and the investment entity of the security service company after the restructuring will be changed to the state-owned asset management department and other systems remain unchanged.


Second, security services company restructuring points to grasp the main points.

The first is to understand the new situation in the security industry. Taking into full account the cruelty of the security industry in the market economy environment and preparing for the competition, we must start from the perspectives of national stability maintenance, overall industry strategic framework, maintenance of public security, and construction of group prevention and group management systems, etc. Advantages of the enterprise, grasp the opportunity, establish the positioning of security service products, and establish a security service model that has the characteristics of the company and meets the needs of social development.

The second is to learn advanced security concepts. For more than two decades, public security agencies have been dispatched by public security agencies to manage security companies, making the management of security companies in China evidently have a strong administrative management. After the existing security service company is restructured, the original management methods of security companies will be eliminated to varying degrees. Learn to use the methods of enterprise management under the conditions of the modern market economy, absorb advanced foreign security management concepts, adapt to the requirements of the socialist market economy, standardize and improve the enterprise legal person system, establish clear property rights, clear responsibilities and authority, separate government and enterprises, and manage science. Standardized operation of modern security management system.

The third is to train high-quality security teams. As a third industry, the security service company must improve the service quality in order to survive and develop, and win the market with service quality. Cultivating high-quality talents is the key to providing high service quality. The ultimate competition of enterprises is the competition of talents. Therefore, training talents should be a top priority for the company's development and growth, and security human resources management must be introduced to match modern enterprises. System to improve the quality of the construction of the security team.

Fourth, we must properly handle personnel issues. It is very important to correctly handle the relationship between personnel retention and retention in the process of restructuring, especially the management personnel with the identity of a police officer in a security service company to stay with the manager of the security department, the head of the security team, and the head of the management team employed in the existing society. It is also very important to properly handle the retention of the company’s existing employees is a major issue in this reform and is also a key issue. Therefore, after the restructuring, the issues related to personnel retention, treatment, etc., of the security company must be properly treated, scientific decision-making should be made, and good coordination and good coordination should be ensured to ensure the stability of employees in the enterprise.

The fifth is to scientifically handle financial issues. Throughout China’s security service companies, the vast majority of security service companies use funds raised from public security agencies to establish funds, and complete the initial accumulation through independent operations. Although security service companies operate independently and assume sole responsibility for profits and losses, in the early stages of development, there is no public security authority. With strong support, the security service company will be struggling. At the same time, the management personnel are the mainstay of the company's development and the main force for the company to complete the accumulation of capital. Therefore, the financial issues in the restructuring process must fully consider the interests of all parties, so that the security services company The details of assets balance the relationship between the state, the collective, and the individual.

The restructuring of the security service company is a brand-new job. There is no ready-made experience to follow. It is an arduous task with a complicated and heavy task. It needs to be gradually and steadily carried out in a considerable period of time. The form of restructuring may be varied, but no matter how the system is reformed, it must be oriented toward the scientific development of the security service industry, the development of the service economy and society, the role of the security auxiliary police, and the benefit of the security guard. Only in this way, the reform of the security service company will be improved as soon as possible. The more reforms become more standardized, the more the reforms progress, the higher the overall quality of the team will become, and the industry will become more marketable, professional, professional, and legal. The direction of development has embarked on the path of sustainable development.


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