China Defender

Core Values

The core values of "integrity, responsibility and innovation" are the value pursuit of Zhongan Guardian and the fundamental method for the company and employees to realize their vision and mission.


It is the moral cornerstone for enterprises to establish their own businesses and employees. Every employee, every department and every project should attach importance to integrity, be honest, abide by discipline and law, be consistent with words and deeds, be loyal to the country and customers. This is the basic premise for the company to perform its duties and realize the common development of the company and its employees, the company and its customers, and the company and the society.


It is a courageous and conscientious work attitude. Every employee must adhere to the partial obedience to the whole and the small situation to the overall situation, and take the initiative to transform this responsibility into conscious actions to implement the company's decision-making and deployment, and to promote the "professional transformation of the enterprise". The unified will of "transformation" has been transformed into a strong driving force to promote daily safety services, so as to be responsible to the country, to the enterprise, to customers, and to themselves.


It is the fundamental driving force for enterprise development and career progress. The course of the company's development is the process of innovation. Without innovation, it is impossible to become a first-class safety management service brand in China. It is necessary to vigorously advocate the innovative spirit of daring to change, daring to be the first, daring to break conventions, and daring to take risks, and comprehensively promote theoretical innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, and practical innovation.

Future planning


Build security brand

Build Tianjin security brand. Continuously improve their service quality, and strive to service to the whole country, to the world. Become a one-stop provider of security solutions with world influence.

Party building leads the enterprise

Establishing Party Branch, Adhering to the Road of Leading Enterprise Development by Party Construction

Social responsibility

As an enterprise, we must first talk about social responsibility. When society needs it, we must have the courage to give and the courage to contribute.

strengthen team building

Establish an emergency team, do a good job of police-enterprise linkage, and create a team that can fight when called.

Corporate Vision


Promote the orderly development of China's security industry and provide customers with high-quality and cost-effective security services,

Ensure the personal and property safety of customers, provide customers with comprehensive security solutions, and create a platform for employees to realize personal value.


Become a one-stop security solution provider with world influence


Become a private security listed company in China


Become the founder and integrator of upstream market resources in the service chain of the security industry.


Life is better because of order, and peace is in order to make society more harmonious.

Zhongan Guards Talent Training System

In order to cultivate high-end security talents, Zhongan has established a joint construction and cooperation relationship with the Tianjin Corps of the Chinese Armed Police, the Weifang Special Police College of the Dezhou Corps, and the Tianjin Police Academy, and has invested heavily in the construction of a professional special training base for the armed police. The personnel selected for Zhongan Security must also undergo 1-2 months of on-the-job training and intensive training. The training content involves legal knowledge, business etiquette, English, emergency rescue, driving skills, Sanda, Shaolin boxing, anti-terrorism tactics, etc. The training courses shape the characteristic Zhongan team!

Zhongan Guards Talent Training System

It mainly adopts the form of labor dispatch, mainly high-end "security" services, combined with advanced technical and defense methods, to win the domestic market demand. Drawing on the business philosophy of foreign special protection services, and the security standards of China South China Sea Bodyguards, combined with the needs and characteristics of domestic and foreign customers, the unique security service system of Zhongan Guards has been formed. Establish new security service standards.

Corporate Culture System of Zhongan Guardian

Enterprise value: based on quality and service, based on integrity and loyalty, fully optimized to protect customer safety and escort social stability.

Zhongan Quality: Loyalty-Loyalty, Honesty, Benevolence and Righteousness-Honesty, Benevolence and Justice

Heroic-not afraid of hardship, brave and outstanding professional-learning has specialization, skill has expertise

Middle Security Legal Advisory Team

The legal consulting experts of Tianjin Municipal People's government serve as the chief legal consultant experts of the company, as well as professional law firms. The professional law firms are composed of a group of excellent lawyers with rich legal practice experience and legal theoretical foundation. They serve as legal advisers for government organs at all levels, large and medium-sized enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises and major economic projects, Numerous successful cases have won good social praise, and established a good image of lawyers in all walks of life.

The Unique Advantages of Middle Security Guard


The first batch of licenses issued by the Ministry of Public Security have been obtained. The detailed information of each security guard in Zhongan not only needs to be filed with the Ministry of Public Security, but also needs to be filed with the public security organ where the customer is located, and subject to multiple supervision.

Through the "intelligent supervision information system for security services" funded by the Ministry of Public Security, the "six checks" (citizenship information, criminal record, qualification, driving qualification, gun qualification, service qualification) of security personnel are provided,

"Five comparisons" (fugitives, control objects, bad practice records, fingerprint history, portrait history) related information. Make sure your employees are safe!

resource advantage

Through comprehensive budget management and in accordance with the requirements of strategic planning, the internal optimization and integration of capital resources, service platform resources, scientific and technological resources, customer resources, brand resources and group management resources are achieved.

Ability advantage

The company has been serving the world's top 500 enterprises for a long time, and the accumulated practical experience forms the basis of ZhongAn Guards' management ability, including high-end service ability, advanced experience and practice ability, innovative thinking ability, market brand operation ability, domestic and international regional coverage ability (regional local competitive advantage, national network support advantage)

Cultural advantage

The company pursues the principle of realizing corporate value and practicing social responsibility coordination and synchronization, adhering to the corporate spirit of "ideal, professionalism, and efficiency", the development of the company and the industry is synchronized, and the development of employees and the company is synchronized.