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Risk Assessment

Risk assessment refers to the quantitative assessment of the impact and possibility of loss of people's life, life, property and other aspects of the event before or after the occurrence of the risk event. That is, risk assessment is the quantitative assessment of the impact or loss of an event or thing.

In order to strengthen safety management, eliminate or reduce hazards, enhance accident prevention and control capabilities, effectively curb major production safety accidents, reduce safety risks, and effectively configure security forces. Ensure customer internal security.

According to the "Security Service Management Regulations" and "ISO9000 Quality System Certification", "Company Safety Production Management System" and other relevant regulations.

Applicable to all activities of the customer unit, including security services, safety protection, normal and abnormal activities, human factors, violations of procedures, regulations, etc.

Assessment scope:

1. The geographical location of the premises of the customer of the security service project, the surrounding security situation, the environment, the composition and flow of personnel.

2. The architectural layout and structural characteristics of the security service project.

3, the key parts of the security service project, technical defense facilities, physical defense configuration and financial room, communication room, liquefier storage room and other security levels.

4. Orientation of access and doors and windows, etc.

China Security Guard has established a first-class professional security risk assessment agency. The team members are well-trained and have rich practical experience. They can provide a full range of security risk assessment services for enterprises, governments, families or individuals.

In order to improve the authority of security risk assessment, the company has set up a security risk assessment expert committee as the think tank team of the assessment organization. For all possible risks, provide customers with relevant security risk assessment reports, help customers tailor practical risk control plans and business emergency response plans, and provide customers with the most intimate high-end services.

Provide professional security risk management recommendations and measures, including identification of various risks faced by the assessment object, assessment of risk probability, and possible negative impact, determine the organization's ability to bear risks, determine the priority level of risk reduction and control, and recommend risk reduction countermeasures.

Risk Assessment