China Defender

Security Services

Security services refer to the professional security services and related services provided by legally established enterprises and organizations in accordance with laws, regulations, rules and relevant national regulations to meet the security needs of citizens, legal persons and other organizations. Security services generally take the form of guard, guard, patrol, crowd control and other forms in accordance with the contract to protect the safety of customers' personal, property and information, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers. The security guard has advanced security management concept, perfect professional management system, rich security work experience and a professional security management team, has successfully provided high-quality security services for many customers.

Guard Patrol

On duty, verification, inspection and registration of entrances and exits of customer units; on guard and guard of specific targets; on patrol, inspection and alert of specific areas, sections and targets.

Crowd Control Services

The service of security guards to maintain public order in specific places, places, parts and other places where people gather.

Security Services