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Family fire safety knowledge


Family Fire Safety Tips:

1. When household appliances are used for a long time and are overloaded, they can easily cause fires. To prevent the occurrence of fire, household appliances should be placed in moisture-proof, sun-protected, and ventilated places. Do not store flammable or explosive materials around them. Various sockets should be kept away from the fire. Fire source.

2. Liquefied gas cooker should pay attention to the usual maintenance, once the pipeline breaks, leaks and repairs in time.

3. Whether the elderly and children in the family have the habit of smoking and playing with fire, they should strengthen their fire prevention education and increase their fire safety awareness.

4. It is best not to install various fenced closed balconies and anti-theft windows in order to prevent escape of life after a fire accident.

5. It is best to have a fire extinguishing system such as a fire extinguisher in your home so that you can prevent problems before they occur.


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