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The "five choices and five no choices" for 1. security patrols In security patrols, the choice of patrol environment, patrol area, patrol section, patrol bayonet, and the choice of basic conditions for residential areas and enterprises and institutions directly affect the work. Efficiency and effectiveness. 1, the patrol environment to choose black not to choose bright on the patrol environment, usually choose no lighting or relatively dark geographical environment. Why? Mainly because the selection of black crime has always been one of the characteristics of illegal crime. 2. The patrol area is quiet but not noisy. Usually, the area with relatively few pedestrians and no dogs is noisy is selected. 3, patrol section choose small not to choose

1. security patrol "five choose five not to choose"

In the security patrol, the choice of patrol environment, patrol area, patrol section, patrol bayonet, the choice of basic conditions of residential areas and enterprises and institutions, etc., all directly affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the work.

1. Choose black but not bright for patrol environment

The choice of patrol environment, usually no lighting or relatively dark geographical environment. Why? Mainly because the selection of black crime has always been one of the characteristics of illegal crime.

2, patrol area choose quiet not to choose trouble

The choice of patrol area usually chooses the area with relatively few pedestrians and no noisy dogs.

3, patrol section choose small not large

The choice of patrol road, usually choose the road is narrow, inconvenient patrol car peer path.

4. Patrol bayonet gating does not block

The choice of patrol bayonet usually chooses intersections that facilitate the escape of criminals, not dead ends.

5. Choose the rich but not the poor in residential areas

For the patrol of residential areas, we usually choose residential areas with relatively superior living conditions and easy climbing for the perpetrators. The "rich" here refers to the houses of ordinary people. From the appearance, they are relatively luxurious. Some private cars are parked in the courtyard. There are obvious drawbacks in the anti-theft construction of colleagues' houses.

For example, facilities such as downpipes and fences in buildings are close to balconies and windows, providing the perpetrators with the conditions to climb into the house.

The "six-four-three-three" working method of 2. inquiry and inspection

During the security patrol inspection, the security guard should identify six kinds of people on the basis of observation and analysis. The choice of inspection place should pay attention to "four suitable and four unsuitable", some problems should be paid attention to in the procedure, and the essentials should be mastered in the inspection and questioning.

1) Identify six types of people

In the questioning and inspection of security patrols, people with suspicious identities, people with suspicious behaviors, people with suspicious carrying objects, people with suspicious relationships, people with suspicious traces, and people with suspicious shaving are all people who need to be observed and identified by security guards.

2. Inspection location "four suitable and four unsuitable"

It is a common psychology of people to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and the same should be true of the choice of inspection sites.

First, it should be bright rather than dark. The inspection site should be a good place for lighting or artificial lighting conditions. This is conducive to see the inspection object's every move, to ensure their own safety.

Second, it should be wide rather than narrow. As far as possible, the inspection site should be avoided in the intersection of hutongs and the accumulation of building materials, so as to prevent the inspection object from using the terrain to deal with the security guard.

Third, it should be straight and not bent. Avoid checking in the roundabout as much as possible.

Fourth, it is better to have something to rely on than to be helpless around. As far as possible, choose to check in the vicinity of pedestrians and vehicles.

3, procedures "three attention"

During the inspection, the following points should be noted in the procedure:

1, take the initiative to show documents, to eliminate the doubts of the object of inspection.

2. Prevent the inspected person from escaping, committing crimes, throwing dirt and other accidents.

3. Keep a close eye on the expression, behavior and surrounding environment of the inspected object.

4. Ask the "three essentials"

Questions about people who can be asked are directly related to the effectiveness of the work. Because, should grasp the essentials from the following three aspects.

1, open with honorific title, first ask the identity. The main thing is to use the title that makes people feel respected, asking for their identity first and asking them to show their identity documents.

2. Firmly grasp the facts and give "steps" in due course ". It is mainly to inquire about the suspected points of illegal crimes, and be careful not to cause "top bull" at the scene and other situations that are not conducive to grasp and deal.

3, separate and ask at the same time, carefully look for contradictions. Multiple suspects should be questioned separately and at the same time, and suspicious points should be found in the process of answering questions.

3. the "four diagnostic methods" of looking, smelling, asking and cutting"

To look, to observe. Security patrol is mainly to observe the clothing, eyes and movements of the personnel.

Smell, that is, through a variety of ways to obtain intelligence information. It can be analyzed from the laws of human physiological and psychological activities. People in the state of emergency, such as the external stimulation of criminal behavior, triggering the pituitary gland to secrete adrenal cortex hormones, a short period of physical supernormal.

However, once people's nervousness relaxes, such as the completion of the crime process, they will feel weak limbs, tired, sleepy, often lying on the ground, hiding in the corner to nap and sleep, such a situation, it is necessary to attract a high degree of attention.

Ask, that is, ask what, how to ask? This is the above mentioned both to pay attention to the content of the question, there is to pay attention to the way of questioning. The purpose of obtaining relevant information through questioning is to facilitate the discovery of the security guard.

Cut, that is, the countermeasures taken in the work. When the security guards have mastered a certain situation by looking, smelling, asking, etc., they can carry out their work in a targeted manner according to the specific situation.


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