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Knowledge of escort security services


Knowledge of escort security services


First, the concept of escort security services

The escort security service means that the security service company shall meet the requirements of the customer. To ensure the safety of the customer's valuable and dangerous articles in transit, according to the provisions of the security service contract, a certain number of security personnel shall be selected and a series of protective measures shall be taken to ensure the transportation. A security activity where items arrive safely at their destination.

Second, the characteristics of escort security services

1, the huge scale of transport operations. No matter whether it is the escort of valuables or the escort of cash, it is generally of large quantity and high value. Once a problem occurs, the loss is serious.

2. There are many links in the escort process. Security guards are required to carry out storage, loading, transportation, unloading, and transfer of goods, regardless of escort materials or cash for escort. The slightest negligence in each link can cause errors, damage, and safety problems.

3, escort business is dangerous. The goal of escorting precious materials or cash is often the main target of attack by criminals. The dangers of escorting dangerous goods and the illegal operations in escorting can all lead to major accidents. In the city, escorting generally has certain rules, and the time and route are relatively fixed. Objectively, it also provides opportunities for criminals to premeditate crimes. During the escort journey, the security guards are fighting alone and may encounter various emergencies at any time.

4, the impact of the incident. Once the case of escorting the security escort goods occurs, the social influence will greatly affect the people's sense of security.

Third, long-distance material escort and cash escort measures

1. Effective measures for long-distance material escort should be taken. Security personnel performing escort missions must observe discipline. Keep strictly confidential information on the escorted items and prohibit the divulging of names, quantities, voyages to destinations, routes, and stop time of escort materials to unrelated persons (including security personnel who have not participated in escort tasks), and are prohibited from using telephones during transportation. The walkie-talkie with or without security devices talks about escort matters with relatives and friends; when escort tasks are performed, relatives, relatives and friends are not allowed, alcohol is not allowed on the way, random parking is not allowed, no personal items are allowed to carry, and driving routes are not allowed to be changed at random. No single action is allowed on the way. Smoking is prohibited in vehicles carrying dangerous goods; pay attention to the safety of personal weapons.

Problems that should be noticed during the escort journey. During the escort journey, security personnel must earnestly adhere to their posts, concentrate their energies, observe the various conditions along the way, and pay attention to suspicious circumstances. Security personnel sitting in the cab should pay attention to observing the front and left and right sides of the vehicle; the security personnel sitting behind the back door of the compartment should pay attention to whether or not there is a trailing vehicle behind the escort vehicle, and whether there is any escort material dropping. When vehicles pass through bridges, tunnels, intersections, hillsides, and turns, the speed of the vehicles slows down. Special attention must be paid to the observation of suspicious persons and vehicles on the roadside, front and rear. In case of heavy rain, heavy snow, dense fog and other inclement weather, on the one hand, the driver should be reminded to drive safely, and on the other hand, he must pay attention to the surrounding suspicious circumstances.

2. The countermeasures for cash escort. Attention should be paid to loading and unloading the armored car, and guarding the cash box at the time of loading and unloading. The armored car should be parked at the business outlets and warehouse entrances as far as possible. The car with the courtyard wall should be driven into the yard, and the gate should be closed and then loaded and unloaded; Members should guard the position of the armored vehicles by using the guns first to make it easier to observe at the left and right sides of the armored car. When escorting banknotes to a savings office or returning cash from escort deposits, one escort must first observe any suspicious persons and items inside and outside the business hall, and the other escort security guard escort the withdrawal personnel into the business office. .

Preparing for escort departure

A clear task

To fully understand the specific escort tasks, clearly grasp the following conditions: the delivery unit, the type, nature and quantity of goods, which means of transport, the route used, the departure and arrival time, the specific address of the destination, the receiving unit, the contact person , The customer's specific requirements for escort work and related matters.

Second, do a good job (personnel, equipment, necessary procedures, etc.)

According to the escort's mission, distance, means of delivery, and public security along the way, determine the number of escort personnel. In order to ensure the safety of escort, security guards with good ideological style, strong organizational discipline, proficient business, rich business operations, independent problem-solving, and strong ability to handle emergencies should be selected. If there is a large number of escort missions and more escort personnel are required to attend, a temporary escort team (group) may be formed as required to designate the person in charge; special escort tasks may be sent to the cadre of the security service company.

Third, develop a practical escort plan

The personnel performing the escort mission shall, under the organization of the responsible person, study the specific escort plan, clarify the respective positions, tasks, and liaison signals and methods of the escort personnel, and make predictions in advance for possible encounters or occurrences, and formulate emergency measures.

Fourth, prepare the relevant documents

Advance the “Exemption Pass” in advance and bring along necessary documents such as work permits, ID cards, gun licenses, driver's licenses and vehicle driving permits.

V. Inspection of vehicles and equipment

Car escort should be used to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the condition of the vehicle. No minor problems and breakdowns should be missed. Carefully overhaul and eliminate hidden dangers to ensure vehicle safety. Check carefully the weapons, communication tools, and fire-fighting equipment that are carried with you on the go to ensure that they can function effectively at any time.

Six, understand and familiar with the situation

Before departure, it is necessary to understand the road conditions and social security conditions along the route and to understand which types of security incidents have occurred in which sections of the road. Understand the garrison situation of public security organs and armed police forces along the route.

Security escort mission

First, maintain a high degree of vigilance, pay attention to observe the situation along the way

During the escort journey, security personnel must earnestly hold their positions, concentrate their energies, and observe various conditions along the route; pay attention to suspicious circumstances, whether or not there is a trailing vehicle, whether or not escort materials are dropped, and whether there are suspicious persons.

2. During the temporary stoppage of escort, special precautions must be taken

When vehicles need to refuel or add water, they should try to choose a gas station with a relatively open terrain and shorten the time for refueling and filling water as much as possible; except for the necessary personnel to get off the train to handle the relevant procedures, others should stick to their posts, increase vigilance, and be prepared for emergencies at any time; Outside the gas station staff, other personnel are prohibited from approaching escort vehicles. When the vehicle is in trouble during escort and needs to be repaired, the vehicle should be parked as far as possible on the roadside away from the living area. The escort personnel can be divided into two groups, one group is observed on the vehicle and the other group is off the bus. During short breaks, meals, and toilets during escort, rotation is used to ensure that there are people in the car and that they are on alert at any time.

Third, do a good job in the warning phase of the delivery

When the escort vehicle arrives at the destination and parks the vehicle at the unloading site, first it must be warned, guarded, and irrelevant personnel should not be approached. At the same time, contact the receiving unit or designated person in charge as soon as possible to check and ship the item as soon as possible. To handle the necessary escort documents, check and sort out the weapons and equipment, and immediately return to the security service company with the consent of the receiving unit to fully report to the relevant leaders on the implementation of the escort task.

The handling of common problems in security escort

Security personnel are an important auxiliary force for public security agencies. In daily assistance to public security personnel in maintaining security order and safeguarding the safety of customers, various issues must be handled in a timely manner. Dealing with the problem should be done in accordance with the law, implementing the company's regulations, not being selfish and convincing.

First, the principle of the disposal of security emergency

1, the principle of legality. When dealing with security emergency, we must comply with the law, insist on handling affairs according to law, insist on doing things that do not comply with the law and do not comply with the law, and take the lead in safeguarding the dignity of the law, doing law, and understanding the law. Law-abiding model.

2, the principle of security. When dealing with security emergencies, it must be the highest standard to ensure the safety of customers and protected targets.

3, reduce the loss principle. In the security service, once emergencies occur, security personnel must adhere to the principle of minimizing loss when an emergency occurs in the processing work, that is, to minimize the casualties and material losses in emergency situations or events.

Second, the escort process often encountered problems

1. A traffic accident occurred in the armored car. General accidents: The captain must report to the leader of the brigade in a timely manner. The leader of the brigade shall promptly report the leadership of the company. The driver shall explain the situation to the traffic police, and write down the number of the vehicle. The company will send the person to handle the incident.

Violent Traffic Accidents: In the event of casualties or vehicle damage, the captain reported to 122, 120 (first aid) and 110 for assistance, while the brigade leader reported on the company's leadership. There were no injured people in the car. Get out of the car and do a good job of guarding. Be highly vigilant, stick to your position and wait for reinforcements. The commander should be instructed to implement the requirements of the "prediction plan" and immediately dispatch the personnel of the car and the emergency unit.

2. The armored car was besieged. On duty, when a dispute arises due to vigilance or other reasons, the escort players should remain calm so as to avoid further expansion of the situation. The captain quickly reports to the leader of the brigade. If the situation is serious, the leader of the brigade shall immediately report the leadership of the company and shall abide by the commander in accordance with the "prediction plan" (whether the gun is held by the commander) or not. decisive. If the situation deteriorates, it can no longer be resolved. If necessary, it can call 110 to get help.

After things have subsided, the captain will report to the company’s leader in written form and be investigated.

3, armored vehicles encountered traffic obstruction. When armored vehicles encounter traffic jams, escorts must be vigilant, closely monitor the surrounding conditions, and get off guards when necessary, prohibiting irrelevant personnel from approaching and watching, and at the same time, the captain understands the reasons for the obstruction and handles them promptly and properly. When necessary, report to the leader of the brigade and the head of the bank security department, and then change directions.

4, armored car failure. When a common fault occurs and the driver can be eliminated in time, the driver can eliminate the fault as soon as possible. Escort guards need to get off the bus to strengthen their vigilance, closely observe the surrounding conditions, and prohibit irrelevant personnel from approaching and watching. The captain must report to the brigade leader in a timely manner.

5. Armored vehicles were temporarily detained by traffic police. When armored vehicles are temporarily detained by the traffic police for violation of the traffic regulations during the on-duty journey, the team members shall immediately report to the leader of the brigade and take the initiative to show the traffic exemption pass to the traffic police. They shall sincerely indicate to the traffic police that the mission of repayment is being executed and will be suspended. Caused the bank to close down. Allow the traffic police to write down the vehicle number, driver's license, name, etc., so that the armored car leaves the scene as soon as possible, and will be processed after the task is completed.

6. Armored cars are intercepted by non-traffic management personnel. When the armored car encounters non-traffic management personnel to intercept the vehicle during transportation, the team members must be on guard against fraud and remain highly vigilant. The captain should be quick and decisive to deal with it, and advise him to leave. In principle, the vehicle must not stop. It is strictly forbidden for irrelevant personnel to ride a car on various grounds. When someone tempts to ride a car, it should be rejected.

7, armored cars meet the people for help. When the armored car is on the way, when the people ask for help, the car crew must remain vigilant. The captain immediately understands the situation, states that the task is being performed, and reports to the brigade leader. The team reports to the relevant department.

8, armored vehicles found on the way roadblocks. When the armored vehicle discovers a roadblock in transit, the escort must be vigilant, observe it, and pass it carefully. It needs to bypass the departed leader of the brigade to make a detour.

9. Pedestrians take the cordon when they are getting money. When a pedestrian takes the cordon when he or she receives a loan, the guard should be vigilant and behave in a timely manner. Discourage it in a timely manner and handle it flexibly according to circumstances (for older children and children can be released). Those who are arbitrarily in attitude and unreasonably must take decisive action. Report to the leader of the brigade before taking any action. If necessary, he can subdue on the spot and call the police in a timely manner.

10, armored car late. When the armored car is delayed due to various reasons, the captain should contact the brigade promptly to report the reasons for the driving route and the delay, and report to the head of the security unit of the service unit or the person in charge of the outlet. After the vehicle arrives at the destination, the captain shall take the initiative to explain the reason for the delay with the person in charge of the service organization outlet for understanding.

11, armored cars can not be close to outlets. When the armored car cannot be near the outlet due to road construction or other reasons, the captain shall promptly report to the leader of the brigade. After receiving the report, the leader of the brigade shall contact the person in charge of the outlet to request the bank to send additional security personnel to assist the guard, guard and escort personnel. Strict alertness, high vigilance, and prompt payment on the premise of ensuring safety.

12, suspicious personnel or vehicles tracking armored car. During the operation, suspicious personnel or vehicles were found to track the armored car. The team members immediately prepared for the battle. The captain reported to the leader of the brigade in a timely manner, reporting the location of suspicious persons or vehicles, the number of suspicious persons, and the characteristics of clothing. Suspected car models, colors, license plate numbers, etc., and closely monitor the dynamics. If it is followed or deliberately blocked by a car, the captain immediately reports to the brigade leader to change course and keep in touch with the brigade at any time. If necessary, he can call the police.

13, robbers encountered robbery. If robberies occur during escort, first the brigade or company leader should be reported and immediately report to the local public security agencies. In the case of weak and strong opponents, criminals should be immediately subdued and sent to the nearest public security organ for handling. If the criminals violently intercept the escort vehicles, they must speed up and rush over. If the criminals catch up, they must choose favorable terrain to cover themselves and then fight back to the criminals. If a large number of criminals are found to possess guns and other weaponry, they must promptly covert the transfer of armored vehicles to a safe zone and promptly call the police nearby to obtain support from the police. If criminals stole a certain amount of escort money and goods, they must actively cooperate with public security agencies to recover them.

14. During the escort, piracy occurred. If burglaries occur during escort, they must be promptly stopped. We must pay close attention to people suspected of burglary; for the current theft elements captured, they must be sent to local public security agencies for disposal.

15. During the escort, the people involved rushed for money and materials. When the escort rushes for funds and materials during the escort, first report the brigade or company leader, and immediately report to the local public security authorities. At the same time, it must be firmly stopped. It must be handled cautiously and calmly. It is necessary to rush to the masses to publicize the relevant laws and ordinances, and to stop them. Grab the behavior; in particular, first do the work of those who take the lead and rob the people, and remember their physical characteristics, if they have conditions, to clarify their identity.

16. A false alarm occurred in the armored car. The captain quickly used the communication tool to report to the Ministry of Technology: "Technical Defense Department, I am a number of vehicles in a brigade. Just now the vehicle is a false alarm."

17. A fire broke out in the armored car. When the fire is small and can be extinguished in a timely manner, the driver quickly uses the fire extinguisher in the car to save. The captain immediately organizes the escort to guard the armored car around the car. The driver and the captain of the car are responsible for organizing the fight. And promptly report to the leader of the brigade, report on the fire situation, the location of the vehicle, and request for reinforcements.

When the fire is too large to be controlled, the captain should immediately call 119 and 110 to report the fire situation and the location of the vehicle. At the same time, he should appoint a escort to report to the brigade leader and organize a self-rescue quickly after the alarm. The captain is ensuring safety. Under the circumstances, the organization organizes the transfer of funds and funds, and after the transfer of money and goods, the escort shall be alert and protect the site. After the company received the report, it was implemented in accordance with the Emergency Plan. After the reinforcement vehicles arrived at the scene, the captain reported to the relevant leaders.

Contingency plan and disposal of emergencies

In order to promptly and effectively deal with emergencies, ensure state property and personal safety, and better complete escort tasks, this plan is formulated.

I. Organization and command

The leading group set up the general commander, deputy commander, and members. General Commander: The general manager assumes the responsibility for the handling of the entire incident. Deputy Commander: Vice President

I. Organization and command

The leading group set up the general commander, deputy commander, and members. General Commander: The general manager assumes the responsibility for the handling of the entire incident. Deputy Commander: The deputy general manager is responsible for mobilizing personnel, deploying vehicles, weaponry, and on-site command. Membership: Brigade cadres (except one on duty), director of the office, manager of the finance department.

1. Brigade cadres: According to the commander's instructions, work should be carried out according to division of labor.

2. Director of the office: Responsible for logistical support, make preparations for protective equipment and vehicles of the emergency unit.

3, the manager of the financial department: responsible for medical insurance and emergency treatment of casualties on the scene.

Second, the power layout

1. The emergency team personnel consist of 3 to 4 teams, with the substitutes serving as the team leader.

2. Command vehicles: Xiang ××, Xiang ××.

3, emergency unit: Xiang × ×, Xiang × ×.

4. 9 to 12 anti-riot guns, 90 to 120 bullets, and 150 to 200 spare bullets.

5, armored cars, a driver, a repairman.

6, a trailer accident, a driver.

7. Organs personnel who are not involved in handling emergencies are on standby within the organization.

8. Other arrangements are based on the circumstances of the incident.

Third, the disposal of emergencies

1, escort on the way. The captain should calmly, calmly, and quickly report an alarm. After reporting 110, press the GPS alarm button and use the phone to report: "Robbery, Robbery, Robbery." For vehicles that do not have a GPS alarm, use a mobile phone to report to the command center or brigade leader. After receiving the report, the command center or the leader of the brigade promptly reports to the company’s leader. At the same time, the escort is organized to use the favorable position in the vehicle to counterattack, and orders are ordered The driver drove the vehicle to a nearby public security organ or safety zone. The car leader organized the escort to counterattack and answered questions from the command center or the brigade leader, and reported the road section, driving direction, the number of robbers, and the use of weapons. . If the vehicle is controlled or destroyed and cannot be driven, the personnel in the vehicle should stick to their positions and strictly control the doors and windows so as to delay the time and wait for reinforcement. If the culprits fled, the captain reported to the command center or the brigade leader in a timely manner the evasion of the robbers, the features of the appearance, the model of the vehicle to be used, the color, and the license plate number. After the reinforcements arrived at the scene, the captain reported the situation to the commander, assisted in the work, and protected the site.

2. When the money cart arrives at the destination, the money box is not disembarked after the guard is alerted. The captain should quickly organize the escort to use the favorable terrain and objects around him to fight back. If the driver is a driver, an escort officer should be designated on the spot for temporary command beforehand. The driver quickly presses the GPS alarm button and uses the phone to report: "robbery, robbery, robbery." For vehicles that do not have a GPS alarm, use mobile phones to report to the command center or brigade leader. At the same time, quickly drive the vehicle to a nearby public security agency or safety zone and answer the question from the command center or brigade leader to report the road section being robbed. Network, driving directions, number of culprits, use of weapons, etc. If the vehicle is controlled or damaged and cannot be driven, the escort should stick to the guard position and strictly control the doors and windows of the vehicle. At the same time, the culprits should be violently attacked, delay the time as much as possible and wait for reinforcements to ensure safety. If the criminals fled, the captain reported to the command center or the leader of the brigade in a timely manner the evasion of the criminals, the features of the appearance, the model of the vehicle, the color, and the license plate number. After the reinforcements arrived at the scene, the captain reported the situation to the commander, assisted in his work, and protected the scene.

3. When the money car arrives at the destination, the escort guard is alert and the money box is being handed over. The team members used the favorable terrain and objects around them to fight back. According to the actual situation, the covert clerk shall send the moneybox to the vault and be quickly locked or sent to the security door of the business unit. The driver shall press the GPS alarm key quickly and report with the talker: “robbery, robbery, robbery”. Vehicles that do not have GPS alarms are reported by the mobile phone. At the same time, they closely observe the surrounding conditions and answer questions. They report the locations of the robbers, the number of robbers, and the use of weapons. If the culprit is defeated and fled, the captain shall promptly report to the command center or the leader of the brigade the gangster's flight direction, appearance characteristics, vehicle type, color, and license plate number. After the reinforcements arrived at the scene, the captain reported the situation to the commander, assisted in his work, and protected the scene.

In the anti-robbery process, such as the car group and other related personnel were killed or injured, after the crackdown on the criminals, before the reinforcements came to the scene, the personnel of the vehicle group were conducting the self-rescue and mutual rescue work while guarding the scene while guarding the scene.

Fourth, coordination

1. When being robbed on the way of escort, the personnel of the company's team's neighboring network, after receiving the order, quickly rushed to the site of the incident and put into battle.

2. When the escort truck arrives at the destination and the escort guards have been alerted, the purse has not been disembarked or is being robbed at the time of handover. The bank outlet clerk should immediately press the 110 alarm button and use the phone or mobile phone to report 110 rush speed support. The unit security department leaders report. After receiving an order, the company’s team members’ neighboring car team quickly rushed to the site of the incident and entered the battle.

V. Special regulations

1. When a robbery occurs, the report of the car group must be timely and clearly stated. The staff of the car group must stick to their positions and be calm and courageous. They must be brave and brave, not afraid of sacrifice, and use the terrain and objects to respond fiercely.

2. When there is no mission at ordinary times, the emergency unit must be on standby within the organization. Once it receives an order, it must quickly prepare for the departure.

3. All personnel must obey the orders, follow the command, quickly receive the orders to support the incident, and resolutely complete the combat mission.

4, in the implementation of the task, strictly use the weapons in accordance with regulations, mainly to avoid harm to other unrelated personnel.

5. After the escort officer uses the weapon, he shall report the use of the weapon truthfully to the company leader in written form. The relevant personnel present shall also state the situation in written form.

6, logistics support personnel must be ready for emergency preparedness of equipment, financial room to prepare emergency funding. In the event of an emergency, logistics must keep up.

7. If there are emergencies on holidays, all members quickly arrive at the company or on site after receiving the order.

Six, contact method

1. The captain shall input the telephone and mobile phone number of the brigade leader, duty room and command center into his mobile phone. The leader of the brigade shall input the telephone number and mobile phone number of each captain, duty room, command center, general manager, and deputy general manager into his mobile phone or record it in the phone book, mainly based on mobile phone contacts.

2. The emergency unit hears the emergency set instruction, quickly gathers at the designated place and receives the order.

Armed long-distance escort plan

In order to ensure the safety of transportation of money, gold and silver and other valuables on the way, the principle of “prevention as the main and combination of prevention and fight” has been implemented, and an emergency solution plan for armed long-distance escorts has been formulated.

I. Organization and command

For the long-distance transportation of valuables such as currency, gold and silver, the brigade shall be responsible for the establishment of an interim command team. Each time, a brigade chief (team captain) must be responsible for organizing the command. In the case of large-scale transportation using automobiles, guard trucks must be added. There should be communication equipment between the two vehicles. When passing downtown, the distance between the two vehicles should not be too far away. The police force was sent by the company's leadership to make temporary decisions based on the mission.

Second, several situations that may be encountered and emergency measures taken

1. If an armed rioter hits the armored car on the way, the person in charge of the temporary command team must use the walkie-talkie in time to order the vehicles to prepare for the battle. First, a warning was issued to the criminals. If the criminals stopped the crime, they should be ordered to lay down their arms and escorted to the local public security department. If criminals do not stop criminal activities after firing a gun at us, they can fight back. When the armored car is forced to stop, it must be closely guarded. With conditions permitting, the temporary command team shall report to the company and the public security department in a timely manner.

2. The armored car is in trouble on the way, and the temporary command team must do a good job of deploying the security work around the parking area according to the actual environment and terrain. Dissuade the masses from crowding out and the driver must repair the vehicle to troubleshoot. If it cannot be repaired in a short time, you can send someone to a nearby bank, enterprise or public security department or contact the public security department for assistance and try to report the situation to the company.

3. If there is a traffic accident in the armored car, the temporary command team shall organize the occupants to protect the site. The escort shall do the security work around the parking, persuade the people not to watch the crowd, guard against the robbers robbery, and send people to contact the nearby units. Obtain assistance and try to report the situation to the company and the public security department.

Third, the implementation of emergency plan requirements

1. All personnel should obey orders, obey orders, and effectively strengthen organizational discipline, unite and work together to ensure the safety of armored car.

2. All personnel must be vigilant at all times. Once robbers are robbed, they can immediately and systematically defend themselves in an organized and orderly manner; so that they are clear-headed, clever and resourceful, brave and tenacious, not only saving themselves but also safeguarding armored cars. Security; not only injure the people, but also accurately attack the culprits.

3. Whenever there is a situation, it is necessary to try to report to the company in a timely manner and report clearly the problems, time, location, numbers of criminals, characteristics, weapons used (weapons), and flight directions.

4. When escorting food on the way, two people must be kept on each vehicle to take turns to eat in order to prevent criminals from taking the opportunity to rob.

5. The escort brigade shall establish a escort registration book, and register the details of each escort en route.

6. The person in charge of the interim command team shall lead by example in the implementation of the task, and shall lead all personnel to practically implement the plan, and shall promptly report to the head of the unit his task.

How to report the situation

I. Form of report

Oral report

2. Telephone report

3, special report

4. Written report

Second, the situation factor

1. Time: expressed in years, months, days, hours, and minutes.

2. Location: The specific location of the situation.

3. Characters (objectives): Characters should state the name, gender, age, place of origin, characteristics, and number of people; the target should specify the type, model, and quantity.

4, nature.

5. The source of the situation and the parties involved.

Third, the report requirements

Timely, accurate and complete.

Fourth, deal with the situation five principles

1, to fully grasp the situation;

2, scientific analysis of the situation;

3, seriously report the situation;

4, careful handling of the situation;

5, detailed registration.

Fifth, common alarm phone

1, the alarm phone: 110

2, fire phone: 119

3, traffic accidents call: 122

4, emergency call: 120

Financial Security Service Knowledge

First, the concept of financial security services

Financial security services refer to security services companies that send security personnel in accordance with security contracts and provide security services for banks and various non-bank financial institutions. The security of financial institutions must do a good job of guarding the security of currency and securities, protecting the safety of employees of financial institutions, and safeguarding the policy order of financial establishments.

The financial security officer insisted on conducting a comprehensive security check at the guard site on the next day to check whether important items such as cash were missing or left on the desk or on the ground; check whether the doors and windows were locked and the circuit was closed. At the same time, security guards must advise the leaders of business premises to formulate anti-theft and anti-predation plans; establish a policing and security prevention network, and work together with neighboring departments and police stations to ensure joint defense.

Second, the main features of financial institutions

1. Cash and securities are concentrated.

2. There are many currency circulation links.

3. There are many network points in the organization and they are widely distributed. The tentacles have reached into all areas of urban and rural areas.

4, some links are dangerous. The storage money, securities vault, cash, gold and silver, and securities are highly concentrated. The robbers often aim at this link to premeditate robbery; a large amount of cash is placed in business premises, and prevention is relatively weak.

Third, prevent bank robbery

(1) Mastering the law of criminals robbing business premises.

1, criminals committing crimes first "check point." Before the robbery, the criminals often visited the business premises several times to access cash, exchanged banknotes, or exchanged money with customers. As a result, the criminals secretly observed the number of employees in the workplace, the degree of alertness, the number of customers, as well as doors and windows, telephones, and alarm devices. , cash deposits, security forces, opportunities to start, and ease of escape.

2, criminals robbery focus on the choice of committing time. Generally, there are more people choosing to go to work, work faster, or spend less time at noon. For those places that are open for business day and night, they usually choose the time of the dead of night.

3, disguise, take a sudden attack. Criminals wear mask sunglasses, carry weapons or even firearms and rob them in a sudden attack. This can lead to delays.

4. Cut off contact with the outside world before robbery. Before criminals entered the place of business, they first destroyed telephones and alarm equipment; some tied up and killed business personnel, fierce and cruel.

5. Robbery is mostly committed by gangs. They usually have more than two or three persons and have a certain division of labor in advance. When committing crimes, several people enter the business office at the same time, and the appearance gives people a feeling of bad people.

(b) After discovering suspicious circumstances, security guards should calm their disposition.

1. To show off suspicion, not to disturb suspicious elements, and to leave the scene to make an alarm, they should behave naturally and imply to the salesperson.

2, quickly identify the number of suspects, by observing the order of their entry into the operating room, dress, age, contact each other, the location of their choice and the items carried on the body, etc., conditional, but also to clear the vehicle The situation.

3, there are monitoring equipment business premises, to ensure that the normal operation of video equipment, will be found in the suspicious situation.

4. To report suspected suspicious cases to the public security organs in a timely manner. When violent robbery suddenly occurs, security guards should quickly seize a favorable position, quickly select the best plan, protect the safety of themselves and business personnel, and fight against criminals.

IV. Disposal of bank robbery cases

Robbery crimes are criminal offenses that are more harmful, especially in the case of robbery crimes targeting banks or business premises, and are more harmful to society. Security personnel should take the following measures to deal with various robbery crimes:

1. Resolutely put an end to robbery and criminal activities, and arrested and distorted robber suspects. In case of crimes involving the robberies of bank or business premises, security personnel should resolutely stop them. Quickly close the gate, close the passage, cut off the control power, and decisively subdue the criminal. When necessary, security personnel should use defensive equipment in a decisive manner and uniforms to arrest criminal suspects and send them to public security agencies.

2, timely alarm. Once a robbery crime is found, security personnel must promptly report the crime.

3, calm and clever, flexible disposal. Security personnel should be clever and clever in handling robbery crimes, and should be disposed of flexibly to minimize loss of assets and casualties. If there are a large number of criminals or robbery with explosives, etc., security personnel should not panic. If the criminal uses only the threat of violence or other means, not serious violence, security personnel should pay attention to the mechanism of perpetrators, or wait for an alarm to check the criminals and wait for the police's rescue. If the robbery of criminals in the hands of the hostage, or the use of firearms, explosives directly threaten the safety of security personnel or other people's lives, security personnel must not act rashly, you can first press the criminals to indicate their requirements, and then wait for an opportunity to call for rescue, or look for Opportunity decisively uses equipment to subdue criminals.

4, protect the scene and provide clues. Whether the robbery criminals fled the scene or were captured, security personnel should protect the scene. During the process of dealing with criminals, the security personnel should pay attention to the characteristics of the criminals and the damage they have done to the criminals. Afterwards, these circumstances should be provided to the public security organs to provide clues for investigation and detection.

V. Disposal of bank theft cases

Banks or business establishments guarded by security personnel who encounter crimes and criminal suspects to steal property should take appropriate measures to effectively protect the interests of client units.

1, the police. Found that the bank or business premises stolen property, security personnel should promptly report to the police. The alarm mode can be specifically selected according to the time of the position, and can be reported to the superior leader or the supervisor of the client unit by telephone.

2, protect the scene. Banks or business premises are stolen, and security personnel should close the on-site import and export channels and organize all unrelated personnel to enter the premises. If you find that there are footprints, fingerprints, blood traces, tools for committing crimes, or other leftovers on the site, you should take necessary measures to protect them.

3, captured on the spot, twisted and sent theft elements. If a security guard finds a committing theft at the scene, or has no time to escape the theft of the stolen elements on the scene, he should immediately stop his criminal activities, and arrest him and send it to the public security agency.

4. After a theft occurred. Security personnel should strengthen guards on imports, exports and access, and strictly investigate suspicious and suspicious items.

6. Dealing with fire accidents at the bank

1, rapid and accurate alarm. The security personnel found that a fire inside the client unit should be promptly and accurately alerted. After dialing the 119 fire alarm, first of all, the name and location of the unit should be reported. Second, we must clarify the location of the fire, the name of the incendiary, the size and scope of the fire.

2. Report leaders and evacuate the people. After the alarm, security personnel should report the fire to the leader of the client unit and the company leader as soon as possible and ask for the measures to be taken. At the same time, immediately notify the personnel around the fire site to evacuate and organize personnel to put out fires.

3. Take safety measures and fully fight the fire. After the fire broke out, security personnel should immediately cut off the power to the fire and turn off the pipeline valves to the gas or other dangerous gases. Security personnel must use existing fire-fighting equipment to fight fires.

4. Evacuation, rescue of trapped persons and rescue of property in time. The customer unit personnel and property are concentrated. Once a fire occurs, it often results in many casualties and property losses. Therefore, when a fire is discovered, it is necessary to organize a force and take effective measures to evacuate, rescue people trapped by the fire, and rescue the property inside the fire site while warning and actively saving.

5. Keep the door open to prevent accidents. First of all, we must ensure the entry of fire engines, ambulances and other fire fighting, rescue, and dangerous vehicles and people. Second, we must prevent the influx of irrelevant personnel, hinder the fire-fighting work in the fire field, prevent the intruders from entering, looting, or other sabotage activities. If suspects are found, they should take immediate measures to stop them and report the security department or the police in a timely manner.

VII. Disposal of Bank Explosion Accidents

Explosion accidents, especially explosions that cause fires, are basically the same as the disposal measures for fires. Special attention should be paid to the following points:

1, to 110 alarm. The explosion accident is likely to be due to a criminal act. Criminal liability needs to be investigated and it should be investigated by the public security agency. Therefore, the public security agency must be promptly reported.

2, to prevent chain explosions. In the area where there are flammable and explosive materials around, effective measures shall be taken to quickly remove flammable and explosive materials to prevent chain explosion accidents.

3, pay attention to the withdrawal timing. The explosion site, especially the fire and explosion site, is prone to a new explosion or a large-scale explosion on the site. Therefore, security personnel must pay attention to the timing of the evacuation while extinguishing the fire.

Gun maintenance knowledge

First, the gun maintenance should pay attention to matters

1. Check the situation of the magazines and magazines to see if there are bullets. If so, the bullets should be ejected from the magazine.

2, check the outside to see if there are dirt, rust marks and bumps, cracks, deformation, broken, and sight, according to the door sturdiness, the consistency of the machine number.

3, inspection guns to see if there is no corrosion, oil, dust and damage.

4, check the performance, loaded with a number of training bombs, into the magazine, pull the sleeve several times, check the loss of bombs, send bombs, firing, unlock, retreat and insurance skills are normal.

5, check the attached items and bullets to see if the accessory is complete and intact, bullets have no rust, dents, cracks, loose bullets and so on.

6. It is forbidden to have a muzzle on the person to prevent accidental fire escape from the gun and result in casualties.

Second, the gunman "four sessions"

1, will use firearms

2, will check the firearms

3, will maintain firearms

4, will rule out the general failure of firearms

Vehicle repair and maintenance knowledge

First, the characteristics of special armored car

The security escort company should use a dedicated armored car. The special armored car refers to the modification of bulletproof, riot and other safety measures on the chassis of a special armored car. It can simultaneously satisfy the standards of GA164-1997 “Special Armored Car Technical Specifications” of the Ministry of Public Security and the national GB7258-1997 “Motor Vehicle Operational Safety”. The technical requirements of the standard two requirements of special cargo vehicles. Special armored cars have the following features:

1. The dedicated armored car is a vehicle that is professionally carrying valuables and currency. The safety of the vehicle is the most important indicator. The bulletproof and anti-riot performance of the vehicle itself and the special structural design for safety are indispensable.

2. The dedicated armored car has a large load, and is often in a full-load running state with relatively poor operating conditions. Chassis load is heavy, it is easy to cause the brake system, steering system, lubrication system performance is reduced, easy to burn oil, need special maintenance.

3, special armored cars often start to stop, long time in the low-speed operation. The engine consumes a large amount of fuel and the engine spark plug is heavily charred.

4, special armored cars often wear street walks, the steering sensitivity and braking system reliability have high requirements.

5. Due to the business requirements of banks and other financial institutions, special armored vehicles must be vehicles that operate around the clock. In areas with harsher climatic conditions, particular attention should be given to the safety performance of vehicles under adverse weather conditions (such as typhoons and heavy rain).

6. The dedicated armored car is safe and sealed. It must be equipped with a powerful microclimate adjustment control device. The safe and normal operation of air conditioning, heating, exhaust fans and other equipment will greatly improve the comfort of the occupants and reduce labor intensity.

Second, the role of armored car maintenance

1, can extend the life of the vehicle, extend the vehicle overhaul cycle, so that the vehicle more value.

2. Keep the vehicle in the best condition, operate flexibly and reduce fuel consumption.

3, reduce the number of maintenance, save maintenance costs.

Third, the driver after the car check and maintenance

After getting the car, the driver should do the following maintenance work on the vehicle:

1. Check and supplement fuel and lubricant materials.

2. Clean the interior, exterior, engine and chassis of the vehicle.

3, in the cold season, such as the cooling system does not add antifreeze, the radiator cover and the water switch, the engine's water switch should be open, the cooling water drained, and for a short time to launch, the water drained, In order to avoid residual water freeze crack cylinder. Radiator, air-braking vehicles should exhaust the sewage in the air reservoir.

4. After the flameout, close the switch and tighten the handbrake to see if there is any leakage of the ammeter (the pointer points to the “—” side).

5, check the horn, lights, wipers.

6, check whether the leaf spring breaks, spring lug, riding bolts are loose.

7. Check the axle shaft and the tire nuts to see if there is a lossless crack in the steel ring.

8, check the tire for cracks and no air.

IV. Use of Special Parts (Brake) for Special Armored Cars

The special bullet-proof armored car should comply with the bullet-proof and riot standards of the Ministry of Public Security GA164-1997 “Special Armored Vehicle Technical Conditions”. The ballistic steel plates and bullet-proof glass lamps that are used in the most widely used state are in line with the national Class B ballistic standards. The weight of about 500-800 kilograms, plus the weight of the money carried and the weight of the five escorts, armored armored car is basically running at full load, it will affect the vehicle's braking performance, resulting in braking distance Extended.

If a driver of a special bullet-proof armored car moves on a mountain road or a curved road and uses brakes for many times, it may easily cause overheating of brake shoes and oil resistance in the oil circuit. In the rainy season, overturned overpasses tend to make large turns and slide downhill easily, requiring the driver to slow down more slowly than ordinary models and use point brakes. If the road surface is uneven, it must be decelerated. Excessive force can easily cause cracks in the front axle.

Fifth, the maintenance of winter armored car

1, change the oil. Adding antifreeze engine oil or adding some starter to the engine oil can reduce starting time and reduce damage to the engine.

2, for antifreeze. Add antifreeze in the tank to protect the tank and cooling system from working properly. The fuel system in the car must not have moisture to prevent freezing and blockage of the oil circuit due to freezing. If water is inadvertently entered, some fuel repellent and scavenger should be added to ensure smooth oil flow.

In short, the winter season is a “very” season for armored cars. At nighttime, conditions can park the car in the garage and pay attention to strengthening daily inspections and maintenance, so that the armored car can spend the winter safely.

VI. Special maintenance of armored car in summer

1, explosion-proof tires. Summer temperatures are high, tire rubber is easy to soften, and the armored car itself has a large load. In severe cases, a puncture occurs. Therefore, inspecting the tire pressure at any time while driving the Chinese medicine, it is found that the tire is overheated and the air pressure is too high. The vehicle should be parked in a cool place to cool down. Don't give up with cold water and don't give up. Otherwise, it will cause early damage to the tire and tires on the way.

2, anti-air resistance. Due to the high temperature in the summer, the cooling rate is limited. The armored car travels with slow speed while driving, and the engine rotates at a high speed. This makes it difficult to dissipate heat and is prone to “air dragging”. This can make it difficult to start the engine when the engine stops for a few minutes. Once air resistance occurs, the driver should immediately stop cooling and troubleshoot. If your car is hydraulically braked and you are driving at high temperatures and high speeds, the brake fluid is prone to air “air drag,” causing the brake to suddenly malfunction and cause an accident.

3, prevent water shortages. In high-temperature weather, the water in the water tank evaporates faster. Always check the amount of cooling water and pay attention to the water temperature table. Cooling water should be added to a suitable location before leaving the car. When you are short of water, you must stop immediately, but you should not add water immediately. Instead, you should wait until the temperature is idling and then add water. Be careful not to open the radiator cover immediately to prevent it from being burned.

4, Paul paint surface. Car wash should pay attention to the protection of painter car paint surface, the summer temperature increases, but also pay attention to not let the armored car directly parked in direct sunlight, the exposure, which will damage the painter car paint surface.

5, keep the glass. Armored car armored glass is produced using a multi-layered composite process. Exposing it to sunlight will shorten the life of bullet-proof glass and reduce its protective function. Therefore, armored cars in summer should be parked in a garage without sun exposure. , Shade and other suitable places.

Seven, vehicle instrument recognition

1. Charging indicator: When the ignition lock is turned on, the indicator light is on. After starting the car, the indicator light goes out. The lamp is flashing or bright while the vehicle is running, indicating that the charging system has failed and needs to be checked.

2, engine oil pressure indicator: Turn on the ignition lock, the light is on, after starting the car, the light goes out. The light is on or blinking while the vehicle is running. This indicates that the lubrication system is faulty and should be stopped immediately for inspection.

3, water temperature table: "C" is low temperature; "H" is high temperature, the water temperature indicator pointer points to the center line is slightly below the normal, the water temperature indicator in the midline above the need to check, to reach the H or red area water temperature is high, need to Stop and check immediately.

4. Oil indication table: "E" is the low oil quantity; "F" is the full oil quantity.

5, oil ruler: no more than the upper scale, not lower than the lower scale for the safe oil level.


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