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Security guards' code of conduct


Code of conduct

(1) Decent and decent, natural conversation.

(2) To maintain a good posture, stance and posture at all times, raise your head and chest, do not hunch, hurl, lean forward, and do not stretch, do not arms, hands, hips or hands into the waist pocket.

Security guards correct position, posture and sitting position:

1 correct stance. The feet and shoulders are naturally separated vertically and vertically (weight falls on the feet), shoulders are flat, head is straight, eyes are flat front, chest, recover.

2 correct posture. The basic steps the security guards take are divided into steps, steps and runs. Qibu is a long-established footwork. When you walk, you should take a straight line, have a stable body, have a strong pace, and have a clear rhythm of movement. Walking in the corridor should be light and do not run (emergency

except). No shoulders, no arms, no smoking, no food, no laughing and dancing.

3 correct sitting posture. When sitting on a chair stool, the legs naturally close together, and the head, neck, chest and waist naturally straighten.

(3) When talking with people, both eyes should be looking straight ahead. Don't look around, and both hands should droop naturally.

(4) When uniforms go out to work, perform duties, and enter public places, they are not allowed to hold hands or insert their hands into the pockets. They are not allowed to sing songs, whistling or stomping their feet. They must not spitting or throwing waste at all, and drinking must be strictly prohibited.

(5) Do not eat at the post while on duty. Do not arrange clothes in public.

(6) We must consciously abide by public order and social morality and respect minority customs and habits.

(7) In the event of a leader or guest visit, he will greet and say hello when he comes to an emergency. After the visitor is invited to sit, he will be able to sit down; the guest will leave and will welcome him.

(8) Before entering the leadership of a superior or an office of another department, tap the door outside the door and tap the door three times to gain permission. If the entrance door is closed, take it with you.

(9) When entering or exiting the office or elevator, you should take the initiative to step forward and then open the door or hold down the elevator button and ask the customer, the woman or the visiting person to go first.

(10) To listen to questions, difficulties, demands, and opinions raised by customers or visitors, be patient and listen to them. If you do not violate the principle of confidentiality, you must be sure to answer the questions and answer them accurately. Apologize and contact the person concerned to give an answer, or leave a written record and reply in time.)


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