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What are the disciplinary requirements and professional ethics of security guards?


What are the disciplinary requirements and professional ethics of security guards?


Disciplinary requirements of security guards

In order to ensure the normal conduct of security work, the guards must observe the following disciplines:

(1) Comply with national policies, decrees, laws and regulations, abide by the civic behavior standards, and abide by all legal rules and regulations of the company.

(2) Strictly abide by labor discipline, supervise the work position, and perform due diligence.

(3) Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the state, collectives, citizens or clients, and protect the confidentiality of the country, the company, and the clients, safeguard the safety, and do no harm to the interests of the clients.

(4) Obey the leaders, obey the command, unite the colleagues, help each other, and finish all work tasks on time.

(5) Do not deliberately make things difficult, insult others, insult another person's personality, infringe another person's personal rights; do not be allowed to beat others or teach and beat others, infringe the legal rights of others; may not extortion, solicitation, accept bribery.

(6) It is not allowed to hide the case, shield and condone illegal crimes; it is prohibited to go beyond the statutory power to conduct searches for other people's residence, fines, confiscation of property, detaining others’ documents or property.

(7) Private possession, possession and use of police and anti-personnel weapons are not allowed.

(8) No alcohol, gambling, trouble.

(9) No obligation to perform the contract shall be imposed without reason and without cause.

Security Professional Ethics

(1) They love their job, their loyalty, their professionalism, their commitment to service, their serious performance of their duties, and their dedication to security.

(2) Compliance with laws and regulations, for the protection of law, practical learning methods, law-abiding, and usage, with high quality services to win social recognition and owners' trust.

(3) Do not count personal gains and losses, willing to sacrifice.

(4) Civilization on duty, courtesy.

(5) Honest and honest, not selfish. Security guards must be honest and self-discipline, adhere to principles, and do things in accordance with the regulations. They should not give anyone who violates the law and discipline any opportunity.

Respect the elderly and young, help others, pick up gold, establish a new trend of socialist spiritual civilization.


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