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What are the polite etiquette rules for security guards?


What are the polite etiquette rules for security guards?


Telephone etiquette specification

(1) The phone should ring three times and should answer the phone. If it is more than three times, it should say: "I'm sorry, let you wait long."

(2) When answering the phone, you should say "Hello" first and then report the unit yourself.

(3) Try not to use the speakerphone when talking on the phone. Make a record when necessary, and tell the other person about the point.

(4) From time to time reply with "en", indicating that you are listening.

(5) After the call, say "Goodbye."

(6) The other party should dial the wrong number; "I'm sorry, you dialed the wrong number. Please dial once and see you again."

(7) Usually do not make personal calls during work hours. If there is an emergency, the talk time should not exceed 3 minutes.


Elevator etiquette specification

(1) Security guards generally do not take the elevator.

(2) When you need to take the elevator due to work, you should pay attention to the first and then to the front, and take the initiative to open the door or press and hold the elevator button, please take the guests, leaders, ladies or visitors to the current, must not compete with the customer elevator.

(3) The elevator should be civilized, polite and modest.


The rules when accepting customer complaints

(1) When accepting a customer complaint, you should make a careful record, write down the other person's name and telephone number, and give a timely reply.

(2) The taboo for accepting customer complaints is to say "I don't know or don't know." If you can't reply, you should express your apologies first, and respond to the relevant departments as soon as possible, and must not push each other.

(3) Be responsible for the first question. The first person who accepts the complaint is the first to ask the responsible person and is responsible for the follow-up of the complaint.


Reception visit specification

(1) When receiving a visitor, please warmly call the other person to sit down and then pour the water to the other person.

(2) If someone who walks away or is responsible for the visit, can be said; "I'm sorry, I have something to go away, lost, please slowly sit."

(3) If the person whom the other person seeks is absent, they can say: "I'm sorry, the person you are looking for is absent, or you can give him a call, or make an appointment, come again next time."

(4) When the other party wants to go, it can be said; "Welcome to come again, please slow down" and send it out the door, wave goodbye to the other party, and wait until the other party leaves their line of sight before returning.


Security guard service attitude

Courtesy: "please" words as the head, "Xie" word never leave. Optimism: accept customers with optimism. Friendly: Smile is the most appropriate expression of friendliness. Enthusiasm: As much as possible for colleagues and customers to provide convenient and enthusiastic service. Patience: Be patient and listen to customer requests. Equality; treat all customers equally and without discrimination.


Conference etiquette specification

(5) To participate in various meetings and trainings organized by the company, they shall attend the meeting on time and shall not be late or leave early.

(6) During the conference, it is necessary to maintain a sitting posture and stance, listen carefully and maintain the atmosphere of the conference. You must not whisper, talk, or make noises on the court.

(7) Can only leave when the meeting is announced.

(8) Turn off the ringing tone of the mobile phone when meeting or attending class.

(9) When leaving the conference, the company should first let the company's leaders go ahead and exit in an orderly manner. It must not be crowded and loud.


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