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What are the language specifications of security guards?


What are the language specifications of security guards?


First, the service language standard


1. language style

Use language in the work to be concise, accurate, civilized and standardized.


2. Tone

When you contact the masses, you must use good words such as "Hello, please, I'm sorry, thank you, and goodbye" for your words.


3. title

Pay attention to the use of titles in the service. When talking with ethnic minorities, religious figures, and foreigners, avoid using the language that is contraindicated by the other party.


4. Standard language

When speaking on duty, speak Mandarin or local common language.


Second, service terms in common occasions

(1) Say to visitors:

"Hello, where do you go?

"Please show your paperwork."

(2) When the walkie-talkie is not answered, respond to the visitor:

"I'm sorry, the person you are looking for is not here. Please contact him later, okay?"

(3) When a visitor leaves, he should say:

"Thank you for your cooperation. Welcome to come again."

(4) Say to illegal traffickers:

"I'm sorry, we are here on a one-way route. Please follow the prescribed route."

"Thank you for your cooperation."

(5) Said to the illegal parkers:

"I'm sorry, the fire exit is forbidden. Would you like to park your car in the parking space?"

(6) Say to the busy personnel in the parking lot:

"Hello, in order to ensure your safety, please do not play in the parking lot."

"Thank you for your cooperation."

(7) When the vehicle is out of the vehicle, it should say:

"Hello, your parking fee is X yuan."

"This is your receipt. I wish you all the best."

(8) When the vehicle enters the garage, it should say:

“Please lock the doors and windows, carry valuables with you, and do not put them in the car.”


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