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What are the security guards?


Under normal circumstances, the security guard has the following authority within the security officer's service scope:

(1) To stop unauthorized personnel and vehicles from entering the scope of service;

(2) Accepting and inspecting personnel and vehicles entering and leaving service areas, and articles carried and loaded in accordance with regulations;

(3) When carrying out general tasks, it is possible to wear and use non-lethal defensive devices such as equipped rubber sticks. When carrying out escort tasks, according to the requirements, the necessary weapons and equipment may be provided in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State and the Ministry of Public Security;

(4) The perpetrators of violations of public security management shall have the right to dissuade, stop, criticize and educate them and, if the circumstances are serious, they shall be sent to the local public security authority for handling;

(5) Right to kill, arson, robbery, theft, and other existing criminals, have the right to arrest and transfer them to the public security organs, and have the right to conduct proper defense for those who commit acts or revenge;

(6) The right to protect the scene of criminal cases and public security cases, preserve the evidence, maintain the order at the scene, and provide the public security organs with information about the cases they know and control, and assist in the investigation;

(7) According to the contract, conduct safety inspections on client units, assist clients in formulating regulations and systems related to safety precautions, and make suggestions and rectification opinions;

(8) The right to report safety precautions to the public security organs, provide information on crimes and crimes, and cooperate with and support public security agencies and other law enforcement agencies in the execution of their official duties.


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