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What are the basic requirements for guard service?


What are the basic requirements for guard service?


Basic requirements for guard service


1. Job quality requirements

(1) dress neatly, language civilization, gesture norms, standing upright, full of energy.

(2) Memorize the client's rules and regulations concerning entrance guards, procedures for entry and exit, various documents used, signs, and brand numbers of vehicles.

(3) Understand the environmental conditions and safety measures in the guard area.

(4) Familiar with and master the distribution, location, and contact methods of the internal organizations.

(5) Basically familiar with and master the internal staff of the client unit.


2. Guard service requirements

(1) Verification. It mainly includes the following three aspects:

1 verify one by one. Under normal circumstances, when the person is 2 to 3 meters away from the guard, the security guard should ask him to stop and show his certificate. After he receives the certificate, he should first look at the cover of the certificate, and then read the status of the home page. It is important to check whether the photographs are in conformity with the visa holder's appearance, whether the printing unit is in line with the issuing unit, and whether it is expired. When verifying at night, you should be vigilant and take care to protect yourself. If no problem is found after verification, the documents are returned and the release is politely indicated. Persons who refuse to submit verification documents or certifications are not allowed to enter. When a dispute arises, report it to the client in a timely manner and ask the relevant person to handle it.

2 focus inspection. When personnel and vehicles are relatively concentrated, security guards should stand on one side to examine the documents and observe them carefully, paying attention to abnormalities. Undocumented personnel and vehicles should first indicate their stay, wait until the peak after careful inspection and then decide whether to release.


3 For the exemption subject notified by the superior in advance, the exemption from inspection shall be granted according to the vehicle number and the special exemption mark.

(2) Check. Mainly include the following:

1 For people carrying in and out, focus on checking whether there are contraband items. The incoming vehicles are to be inspected for dangerous materials such as flammable and explosive materials, whether they contain any unrelated personnel, and if there are any unrelated persons, they should be advised to alight outside.

For people and vehicles traveling outside, they must carefully check the carrying documents or delivery documents, and focus on checking whether the names, specifications, and quantities of the articles are consistent with the certificates. The examinee is required to open the door and the trunk


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