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Acute poisoning first aid


Cause: A large amount of toxic substances enters the human body through the skin, mucous membranes, respiratory tract, and digestive tract within a short period of time, causing damage to the body and dysfunction. This is called acute poisoning. Acute poisoning common in households consists of pesticides (mostly caused by excessive residual pesticides in vegetables), sleeping pills poisoning (taking too much hypnotics), bacterial food poisoning (caused by foods containing large amounts of bacteria or bacterial toxins), and gas poisoning (mainly carbon monoxide poisoning). , Mostly caused by leakage of pipes or stoves or poor ventilation in burning places, alcohol poisoning (overdrinking), etc. Different poisonings have different symptoms.


first aid:

(1) As soon as possible to understand the time of poisoning, the number of toxic species, poisoning pathways.

(2) Pay close attention to the patient's body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, breathing, consciousness, pupil size, and changes in light reflexes, and keep quiet, air circulation, and respiratory flow.

(3) eliminate poisons and reduce poisons into the human body. Remove poisons from toxic contaminated sites, remove clothing contaminated by poisons, and wash skin exposed to poison with clean water and soap.

(4) In patients with digestive tract poisoning, in addition to strong acid and alkali poisoning, the posterior pharyngeal wall may be stimulated with a finger, a toothbrush handle, or a stainless steel spoon to induce vomiting. Dilute potassium permanganate or baking soda can be used gastric lavage.

(5) When itching carbon poisoning, the patient should be moved to a place where air circulates to remove tight clothing and keep the airway open. For patients who are unconscious, they must remove the foreign body in the mouth and let the patient lie on the side, keep the airway open, and breathe. Stoppers should take artificial respiration quickly.

(6) promptly notify the hospital to send people to the hospital or to the hospital for emergency treatment, and provide the medical personnel with accurate time for poisoning, the number of poisons, and the means of poisoning, so that corresponding detoxification measures can be taken in time to remove the patient from danger.

(7) When you suspect a gas leak, close the control valve and open the window quickly. Do not turn on the light, light the ignition, or draw a fan to avoid sparks and explosion.


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