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Security guards' own defense tips


When we are in danger, if we don't have a little trick, it's not okay. So let's take a look at the tips we should know when we fight.

First: If we need to fight in public places, we need to pay attention to the people around us. Because there are more people in public places, we can use the upper limb movements, look at six ways, and listen to each other. When necessary, the people in the car can be fully mobilized for coordinated operations, but they must pay attention to safety.

Second: In a spacious place: At this time, there are few people and large venues. We can respond accordingly and play in a comprehensive manner. Local materials can be used to fight with each other.

Third: In the corridor or in the alley: The first thing we need to do in this kind of place is to take over priority, make full use of the favorable conditions such as corners, entrances and exits, and take the opportunity to win the opponent.

Fourth: At night: At this time, the risk of fighting is relatively large. We must back away from the light source, lower our posture, and dodge more in the dark to observe the other person's situation.



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