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Security guards serve as security targets. Because of their special status, social awareness and social attention are relatively high. Their travel and activities are often brought to the attention of the media and lawbreakers, and are likely to cause crowds to look around, chase, ask for signatures and criminals to commit illegal infringements. This requires security guards to take appropriate safety measures and methods according to different situations to provide them with personal safety protection.


1. According to the security service contract, a portable security service plan is formulated to determine the work content and specific requirements.


The security service contract is an agreement reached between the subject and the object of the bodyguard service. It is the main basis for the development of the portable guard service plan. The main contents of the security personal care service plan should include:

1. The person responsible for the execution of the security guard duty task and his duties.

2. The security guards performing physical guard duties and the division of their numbers and responsibilities.

3. The main work and activities of the escort.

4. Guard object travel tools, driving routes, parking lots, etc.

5. Carry out service security equipment.

6. Other matters relating to personal care services.

Second, keep abreast of the activities of the object of protection, and do a good job in the preparation of portable security.

Security guards should maintain normal communication with security guards to understand their recent activities and their activities, in order to contact the organizers, organizers, responsible persons, and security personnel on the spot, and to prepare the security guards in advance. Information such as dynamic activity time and itinerary, etc., and the use of communication tools, vehicles, driving routes, and parking lots, etc. for personal guards should be determined accordingly, and targeted preparations should be made for the safety and security of the guards in order to send the guards on time. 、 Bringing out activities to prevent potential personal safety hazards caused by inactive activities at the event venue.

Third, in order to ensure the safety of the security guards, security guards should build a safety barrier through personal guards so that those without permission cannot access the security targets.

The security guards should carry out the activities around the guarding objects of outdoor activities, as well as their working and living areas, positioning, and setting tasks, closely monitor all movements, form a safety barrier, and prevent unrelated personnel from approaching the guarded objects and entering the guarded objects. Living areas, so as not to endanger their personal and property safety. If there are suspicious persons around the security targets, they should closely monitor their movements and always include them within their own line of sight. For those who have been reluctant to leave, they should be questioned to clarify the situation. However, we must pay attention to methods and methods to avoid causing conflicts and increase vigilance to prevent them from committing acts of crime;

Fourth, we must observe and master the surrounding conditions with keen observation and prevention.

Whether outdoors or indoors, security guards should strengthen their observation and monitoring of the environment and people around the security target. If suspicious items are found, the guards should take precautionary measures to eliminate the threat of suspicious objects to the security guards. In the process of driving the vehicle, the driver should be supervised to obey the traffic rules, keep a good grasp of the location of the vehicle where the guard object is located, and closely observe the movement along the road to prevent criminals from illegally infringing on the vehicle the guard object takes.

Fifth, comprehensively understand the relevant information of the out-going activities of the security guards and actively take corresponding measures to effectively protect their personal safety.

It is difficult for security guards to go out for activities, especially to participate in public places. The security guards should carry out activities based on their prior knowledge of the relevant activities, such as the form, content, nature of the event, the organizer, the participants, the number of participants, the unit responsible for the security of the activity, their responsible person, the activity site, and the surrounding area. Environmental conditions, etc., properly determine the escort action plan. Before departure, security personnel should understand whether or not the travel path is in normal operation. If there is any change, the guard route must be adjusted in time. For the portable communication equipment and defense equipment that should be carried, they should be carefully inspected to maintain good performance. During the event, the security guards must strictly control the range of personnel who come into contact with the security guards. Those who have no legitimate reason or who the security guards do not want to meet will be required. They should be resolutely and decisively isolated and maintain a certain distance from the guards. Even if the escort objects are in normal contact with others, the escort personnel should closely observe the movements of the contactors and the surrounding people, just in case; at the end of the event, the escort personnel should promptly remind the escort object to switch locations and leave public security situations as soon as possible. place.

Sixth, assist with the protection of the object of life-related services and health care related to safety.

When the security guard is inconvenient and safe, the guardian should provide necessary help to their life and health. Such as the purchase of certain daily life; break time, help them close, lock doors and windows, manage home appliances, etc.; during illness, help them find medicines, or use their own health knowledge and skills to provide health services for them . The personal security personnel usually assists others in doing well with these safety-related life matters, which is beneficial to their performance of security service duties and establish a good image.

Seventh, it will prevent illegal infringement and protect the safety of clients.

Security guards and guards who find someone attempting to force a person to come into contact with a security guard should promptly stop it; if the other party has a surprise attack or nuisance, they should immediately take protective measures to subdue it and promptly report to the police. At the same time, the security guards should be quickly transferred to safe areas to prevent the situation from expanding.


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