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Security guards should pay attention to their own defense issues


Security guards should pay attention to their own defense issues


At present, with the economic development, the social security situation is becoming increasingly severe. As an important security social force and auxiliary police force to maintain social stability, maintain public security, and maintain order, the security team is faced with increasingly severe challenges.

The industry in which the security guards are involved is of a certain degree of risk. In actual work, there are frequent incidents in which security guards bravely attack and even sacrifice. Safeguarding the security of one side makes the security guards come forward when the safety of life and property of the country and the people is violated. At any time, this sense of mission and responsibility is worth advocating.

In order to avoid bloodshed and minimize the risk, the security guards should fight against the gangsters in a situation where they fully defend themselves. They have the courage to behave, calmly and calmly, and use the tactics to capture them.

Things to watch out for when preventing weapons

When confronting a criminal with a weapon, you must first see what kind of weapon it is. You need to pay attention to the following questions when you are using different weapons.

1. To guard against daggers: The mind must be calm, use angles and time to attack; be flexible, decisive, adaptable, take advantage of the culprits, and seize all opportunities to attack the culprits; when the gangsters threaten me with a dagger behind them, they should quickly identify The culprit holds a knife with his left hand or his right hand, and then releases and counterattacks. When the culprit stabbed at me with a dagger at night, he should accurately determine the direction and distance of the puncture and counterattack with an effective method.

2, anti-take the kitchen knife: recognize the left hand or the right hand knife, left foot or right foot in front, do a good job dodge preparation, can not turn around and run back. When encountering gangsters whose strength is greater than their own, they should evade their weaknesses and should not be foolhardy. They should use force to avoid them and look for opportunities to attack their crucial points. They should seize the gaps in the attack of the criminals, quickly approach the gangsters with a flash action, and slam the key. In practice, it is not possible to use jib stops, and to use less contact, catching and other contact actions. The principle is to fight first.

3, anti-take sticks: spotted gangsters want to hit my site and attack methods, and then quickly stunned; close to the body quickly, once close to the gang to continuously beat; do not pull away from the gangsters, into the body after a lot of hooks, put punches Use the elbow and knee method; when the gangsters are sticking, they must dodge to the left and get close; when the gangster crows, they must rush forward with the gangster crowbars; when the gangsters sweep the stick, they must go in front of their sweepers; When you stick, you have to lurk into the body; when you are under the sweeping stick, you have to jump and walk; the gangster stick squats, I don't dodge it in time, and you should roll the arm to block the stick; the gangster I don't dodge, and you should turn to the right and left , reduce the click position, at the same time, take the opportunity to win the stick.

4. Capture the pistols: Try to get close to the bandits. When the bandits are far away from me, it is advisable to adopt a secret method. It is advisable to use a secret method to get close to the bandits' wrists. The bandits take the initiative to attack the bandits and try to make quick and quick decisions. It was discovered that concealed objects should be fully utilized and skillfully gradually approached the culprits. In the absence of concealed objects, in principle, the "pendulum-style" line of action was approached by the culprits. When they suddenly met the gangsters, they must take bold and swift measures of forced capture. Uniformed gunmen; when the gangsters had aimed their guns at me, they should act on their own accord and seek opportunities to launch surprise attacks on the gangsters, turning them into passive ones.

5. Dodge and attack dozens of throwing objects, perform actions such as flashing, dive, and rolling into the ground to avoid deficiencies and make a fierce and quick counterattack to the gangsters. After dodging, they quickly attack the gangsters, and approach the gangs as soon as possible to capture them. Do not blindly dodge and passively avoid.

When fighting, make full use of the characteristics of the terrain

Grasping the terrain and making full use of the features of the terrain is also a key to defeating the enemy. This is necessary during the war and is as important as fighting against crime in times of peace.

1, in the case of the enemy and the enemy: analysis of the surrounding geographical environment, choose the safe terrain behind, such as backs on the wall, buildings, etc.; tactical principles are fast, accurate, sturdy, one move to make enemies; do more kicks, less Use wrestling and try not to fall to the ground.

2, in the corridor, street fighting: At this time, the venue is narrow and long, limited mobility, fighting should make full use of the corners, entrances and exits, and other favorable conditions, surprisingly winning; fighting more fists, legs straight attack gangsters, less hair swing, sweep Legs, so as to avoid the effect of technology due to the narrow terrain.

3. When fighting in restaurants and pubs: Look at six ways, listen to all directions, pay attention to the culprits behind; use tables and chairs to hinder leg movements, and use more upper limb movements; use tables and chairs as a barrier to cover during the fight , And took the opportunity to throw bowls, plates, and wine bottles to attack the culprits.

4. When fighting on the bus: Due to the large number of people in the vehicle, there are almost no venues. The elbow method and knee method must be used in the fight to play the game first.

5. When fighting in a wide area: The venue is large and there is little movement of people. When fighting, it is possible to use the combination of virtual reality and actual combat. The tactical principle is to use the east to fight the West and attack it decisively; it can draw materials from the ground, such as hitting gangsters with stones, bricks and tiles.

6. When wrestling with gangsters on high slopes and stumbling grounds, you should occupy the commanding heights first, squat down from the top, step on the gangsters, use stones, use shoveling soil to attack the gangsters, find the right time, and jump up from the top down. Gangsters.

7, when fighting with the criminals in the dark: the greater the risk, should pay particular attention to back to the light source; due to poor visibility, try not to capture the murder weapon of the culprit; can use more punches, side kicks and other play, put long-range strike; Low position, and dodge more in the dark in order to observe the culprits.

Clever use of psychological tactics in capture

1, magical use of the eye.

(1) The role of the eye.

People often say that "the eyes are the windows of the soul." In the thrilling capture fight, the role of the eye is very important. Many martial arts schools attach great importance to eye training and eye training. In capturing, we must use our eyes to embody strategies and tactics, so as to deter each other and create a fearful and timid psychology so that we can quickly capture fighter planes and defeat the enemy.

The capture of the eye in the fight is the first to examine the other's sensory organs. Through the "observation" of the eye, one can gain insight into the other's subtle changes. First, it gains an advantage in "intelligence" and psychologically. If the ability to observe the two eyes is poor, we cannot see the slight changes in the other's technical movements and psychology, or if we can see it, it is not timely, it is always half a beat slower than the other party, and even an error in observation and judgment occurs. Defense will inevitably make mistakes. Therefore, the observation of criminals is the first function of fighting the eye. It is not easy to quickly respond and perform actions in a rapid movement transformation. Usually pay attention to eye exercises, develop rapid response and adaptability.

Learn how to use eyeballs when you learn how to fight. Minor changes in the eyes and small changes in the air will often receive unexpected results. In the capture fight, it is also often caused by the slight change in the eye to make the other party illusion, play the role of temptation, confusing or gangsters, to achieve our goal of offensive or defensive, which is the use of the eye in defense. The commonly used methods include "seeing to lay down", "seeing the east to fight the west", "seeing to hit the bottom", "looking at the left to hit the right" and so on.

(2) Eye contact method.

There are many ways to practice eyeballs, for example, the "fixed-vision practice method", "external light practice method", "induction practice method" and "comprehensive exercise method" and so on. The best practice method is to combine with the usual defensive techniques and moves and tricks, so that each small action is with the eyes, step to the body, eyes to hand. Whether it is offensive or defensive, it is easy to get out of hand, step by step, and follow each other. After a long period of conscious practice, you will surely receive better results.

2, clever fight psychological warfare.

All human activities are conducted under the control of psychological activities. The quality of defensive psychological qualities determines the defense skills and directly influences the establishment and implementation of defense strategies in emergency situations.

When confronting a criminal suspect, first of all, it must be calm, calm, and determined, and then take a flexible and changeable approach based on the circumstances, changes in situation, and the suspect’s own situation. The criminal suspects generally have a fearful and uneasy attitude when committing crimes. When they hear a little noise, they are frightened. Therefore, we must firmly grasp the psychological weaknesses of criminals when implementing defenses. The more flustered the opponent is, the more we must calm down, we must use louder voices. Calls, howls and time delays impose psychological pressure on them to find the best enemy fighters. At the same time, the critical point of psychological change of criminals should be quickly ascertained. That is, the "point" from one state to another, and in other words, the critical point of criminal psychology can be understood as a dividing line from a criminal motivation to a criminal action. Therefore, we must take the necessary measures before it reaches the critical point. The psychological point of the criminal suspect can generally be judged by observing its demeanor, demeanor behavior, and language tone. For example, the suspect looks hesitant, panicking, panicking, delaying attack, or attacking. The dull movement and powerlessness indicate that the internal contradictions and lack of emboldenedness indicate that although the criminal motive has been exposed and the fact of the crime has been established, the psychology of the criminal has not yet reached a critical point and has not yet reached the point of complete loss of reason. In the change stage, there has been no breakthrough in the “degree” restriction, and there are still some factors of reason and inhibition in the mind. At this time, various means and tactics must be adopted immediately to deter its motives for action so that the crime can be terminated or be subdued. In addition to this, flexible strategies are also very important. They need to change their strategies in response to changes in situation, scenarios, and suspects themselves.

Therefore, during the process of dealing with criminal suspects, the security guards have good psychological qualities. It is very important to master the critical point of controlling criminal suspects and use flexible and flexible strategies and tactics.

Continuously improve self-defense awareness

1. Learning ability is the basic need for defending one's own security.

"More sweating in peacetime and fewer bloodshed in wartime" is a fundamental way to reduce casualties and protect themselves to the greatest extent possible. This requires the security guards to strengthen their physical training in peacetime. Good physical conditions are the basic conditions necessary to compete with criminal suspects, and they are also the basis for mastering enemy skills. While improving physical fitness, it is also necessary to practice basic skills, such as combat techniques, baton use techniques, defense techniques, and first aid techniques. At present, security service companies all over the country have lectured on defeating enemies, tactics against enemies, and strategies for defeating enemies. They must not use the idea of going through the motions, which is also the need to defend themselves. The ability to learn, to be able to do it without fear, at the change, not to reduce bloodshed.

2, always have a sense of danger.

Security work has certain risks. When security guards are on duty, they must have a sense of danger at all times. At the same time, they must have the ability to understand dangers, be able to detect potential risk factors early, and only be prepared to have a strong ability to react when dangers are lowered. In a critical state, it can respond quickly and resolve dangers.

3. Beyond bravery, there must be a plan.

In the face of danger, security guards must be calm and witty. It is necessary to make an appropriate response based on the situation. For example, a security guard found several culprits committing crimes when he was on duty. If he rushed to fight with him alone and depended on his own personal strength to stop crimes, there was little chance of victory in terms of strength. Under such circumstances, the security guards should use the telephone or other means to report the case to the public security organ urgently, and at the same time secretly keep track of the suspects and not allow them to flee. Security guards with security dogs must not separate people and dogs when they are chasing or tracking criminal suspects. When the reinforcements arrive, they can assist public security police to seize criminal suspects in one fell swoop. This will not only avoid unnecessary harm, but also effectively combat them. Crimes protect the lives and property of the country and people from harm.

Of course, each case has its own particularities. In fact, many security guards have encountered cases that do not allow you time to consult and report. Even so, on the one hand, the police should be alerted at the fastest speed on the one hand, and wrestling and bravery on the other hand in complex situations. For example, when fighting, they should fully utilize the surrounding landforms to protect themselves and avoid enemies. In actual combat, it should be fast and steady, quasi, and embarrassing. It is an effective way to protect oneself to the greatest extent. After subduing the suspect, remember not to be dazzled by victory, be vigilant and prevent the criminal suspect from counterattacking with the weapon hidden in the clothing.

In actual work, some security guards do not pay attention to the methods and methods, improperly handle some minor problems, and eventually lead to major contradictions and conflicts, causing their own unnecessary casualties. Some security guards were young and full of impatience, and they often did not speak a few words and then made a big move to cause disputes. In order to avoid the above situation, security guards should strengthen the study of laws and regulations, improve legal awareness, improve working methods, and strengthen their self-cultivation.

In addition, security guards stationed in special industries and departments such as hydropower stations, steelworks, nuclear industrial bases, and forest areas must also learn and master the necessary professional knowledge. In this way, in the event of an accident involving fire, fire, electrical leakage, loss of radioactive material, or leakage, the security guard can maximally save state property, protect the people's lives and property, and at the same time prevent themselves from being harmed.



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