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Security guards in their own defense should pay attention to the problem

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At present, with the economic development, the social security situation is becoming more and more serious. As an important social force and auxiliary police force to maintain social stability, public security and public order, the security team is facing more and more severe tests. The industry in which security guards are engaged has certain risks. In actual work, there are often incidents in which security guards fight bravely and gangsters are injured or even sacrificed. The responsibility of ensuring the safety of one party makes the security guards come forward when the safety of the country and people's lives and property is infringed. This sense of mission and responsibility is worth promoting at any time. To avoid bloodshed as much as possible, bring the danger down.

At present, with the economic development, the social security situation is becoming more and more serious. As an important social force and auxiliary police force to maintain social stability, public security and public order, the security team is facing more and more severe tests.

The industry in which security guards are engaged has certain risks. In actual work, there are often incidents in which security guards fight bravely and gangsters are injured or even sacrificed. The responsibility of ensuring the safety of one party makes the security guards come forward when the safety of the country and people's lives and property is infringed. This sense of mission and responsibility is worth promoting at any time.

In order to avoid bloodshed and sacrifice as much as possible and minimize the danger, security guards should fight with gangsters under the condition of fully defending themselves, be brave and scheming, calm and calm, and use tactics reasonably to capture them.


Matters needing attention when preventing the murder weapon

When encountering a gangster holding a murder weapon, you must first see what kind of murder weapon it is. You need to pay attention to the following issues when preventing different murder weapons.

1. Anti-dagger capture: The mind must be calm and attack by using angle and time difference; Be flexible, decisive and flexible. When the gangster is unprepared, seize all favorable opportunities to attack the gangster. When the gangster threatens me with a dagger behind his back, he should quickly identify whether the gangster holds the knife in his left hand or his right hand, and then relieve and fight back. When the gangster stabs me with a dagger at night, he should accurately judge the direction and distance, fight back in an effective way.

2. Anti-seizure kitchen knife: Recognize whether the left hand or the right hand holds the knife, whether the left foot or the right foot is in front, be prepared to dodge, and do not turn around and run back. When you encounter a gangster with greater strength than yourself, you should make full use of your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. You should not act rashly. You should avoid it with clever force and find opportunities to attack the key points. Seize the gap in the gangster's attack, quickly approach the gangster with a flash action, and hit the key points. In practice, you can't use the arm frame to block, and use less contact actions such as blocking and grasping. The principle is to fight first and capture later.

3. Anti-snatching sticks: See where the gangster wants to hit me and how to attack me, and then flash quickly; Close to fast, once close to the gangster to hit continuously; Don't distance yourself from the gangster, you should hook and swing more after entering, and use more elbows and knees. When the gangster points the stick, he should dodge to the left and get close. When the gangster splits the stick, he should grab before it; when a gangster sweeps a stick, he should enter the body before and after the sweeper. When sweeping the stick, lurk into the body; When sweeping the stick, jump into the body. The gangster chopped under the stick, I dodged not in time, should roll arm grid to block the stick; The gangster did not dodge in time when he ordered the stick. He should turn left and right to reduce the clicking parts and grab the stick at the same time.

4. Anti-seizure pistol: Try to get close to the gangster. When the gangster is far away from me, it is advisable to approach the gangster by secret means. The gangster should grab the gangster's wrist behind or on the gangster's side to take the initiative to attack the gangster and strive for quick battle and quick decision. When you are found close to the gangster, you should make full use of the hidden objects and approach the gangster skillfully, in principle, approach the gangster with a "pendulum" course of action; if you suddenly meet the gangster, you must take brave and rapid means of forcible capture to subdue the gunman; when the gangster has pointed his gun at me, he should improvise and look for an opportunity to launch a surprise attack on the gangster, changing from passive to active.

5, dodge and attack the throwing object, do flash, dive and roll into the ground and other actions, avoid the truth, to the gangster launched a fierce, rapid counterattack; After dodging, quickly attack the gangster, approach the gangster as soon as possible, and capture him. Don't dodge blindly and passively.


When fighting, make full use of terrain characteristics

Mastering the terrain and making full use of the characteristics of the terrain is also a key to defeating the enemy. This is needed in times of war and is as important as fighting crime in peacetime.

1. In the case of the enemy being outnumbered: analyze the surrounding geographical environment and choose the safe terrain behind, such as back against the wall, buildings, etc. The tactical principle is to be fast, accurate and ruthless, and to control the enemy with one move. Do more fists and feet, use less wrestling, and try not to fall to the ground.

2. Fighting in corridors and streets: At this time, the venue is narrow and long, and the movement is limited. In the fighting, we should make full use of the favorable conditions such as corners and entrances to win by surprise. In fighting, the gangsters are mostly attacked with fists and legs in a straight line, and less swinging and sweeping legs are used to avoid affecting the technical performance due to the narrow terrain.

3. When fighting in restaurants and pubs: watch the six roads, listen to all directions, and pay attention to the gangsters behind them. There are many tables and chairs, which hinder leg movements, but upper limb movements can be used more. During fighting, tables and chairs can be used as barriers to cover, and bowls, plates and bottles can be thrown to attack gangsters.

4. When fighting on the bus: due to the large number of people in the bus and almost no space, elbow and knee methods must be used in the fighting to fight first and then capture. Fully mobilize the masses in the car to fight together.

5. When fighting in a wide area: the venue is large and the flow of personnel is small. When fighting, the combination of actual and actual conditions can be used, with corresponding fists and feet and full cooperation. The tactical principle is to fight east and west and strike decisively; and to use local materials, such as stones, bricks and tiles, to hit gangsters.

6. When fighting with gangsters on high slopes and rocky ground: you should occupy the commanding heights first, kick and step on the gangsters from top to bottom, attack the gangsters with stones and shovel soil with your feet, find the right time, and jump up from top to bottom to collide with the gangsters.

7. When fighting with gangsters at night: the danger is great, so special attention should be paid to facing the light source. Due to poor visibility, try not to use your hands to seize the gangster's murder weapon. Can use more punch, side kick and other methods, put long-term blow; At the same time, lower your posture and dodge in the dark to facilitate observation of gangsters.


Ingenious use of psychological tactics in capture


1. The wonderful use of eye method.

(1) The role of the eye.

It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul ". In the thrilling grappling, the role of the eyes is very important. Many martial arts schools attach great importance to the cultivation of eyes and eye training. In the capture, it is necessary to use the eye method to reflect the strategy and tactics, so as to deter the opponent and make the opponent have a fear and timidity, so as to quickly capture the fighter and defeat the enemy.

In grappling, the eyes are the first sensory organs to examine the other party. Through the "observation" of the eyes, they can gain insight into the subtle changes of the other party, and first gain advantages in "intelligence" and psychology. If the two-eye observation ability is poor, can not see the other side's technical movements and psychological changes, or although can see, but not in time, always half a beat slower than the other side, or even make mistakes in observation and judgment, such defense is bound to make mistakes. Therefore, observing the gangster is the first function of the eyes in the fight. In the rapid motion transformation, it is not easy to make the corresponding reaction and action quickly. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the exercise of eye work and develop rapid response and adaptability.

In the capture fight also know the use of eye. Small changes in the eyes and small changes in the look, often receive unexpected results. In the capture fight is also often due to the small changes in the eyes of the other side to create an illusion, to tempt, confuse or paralyze the role of gangsters, to achieve our offensive or defensive purposes, this is the use of eye defense fight. The commonly used eye methods include "look at the lay", "look at the east and hit the west", "look at the up and down", "look at the left and right" and so on.

(2) The contact method of eye method.

There are many ways to practice eye method, for example, "fixed view practice method", "afterlight practice method", "induction practice method" and "comprehensive practice method" and so on. The best way to practice is to combine with the usual defense techniques and moves, so that every small movement follows the eyes, steps to the body, and eyes to the hands. Whether it is offensive or defensive, you can do it with your feet, change your steps, and follow your spirit. After a long period of conscious eye practice, you will receive better results.


2. Skillful psychological warfare.

All human activities are carried out under the domination of psychological activities. The good or bad defense psychological quality determines the exertion of defense skills and directly affects the establishment and implementation of defense strategies in emergency situations.

When encountering a criminal suspect, you must first be calm, resourceful and decisive, and then adopt flexible strategies according to the scene environment, changes in the situation and the criminal suspect's own situation. Criminal suspects generally have a panic mentality when committing crimes. Hearing a little sound is like a frightened bird. Therefore, we must firmly grasp the criminal's psychological weakness when implementing defense. The more flustered the other party is, the more calm we must be. Use loud calls, pretending to call people, and delaying time to exert psychological pressure on them in order to find the best enemy capture fighter. At the same time, we should quickly find out the critical point of the criminal's psychological change. That is, the "point" that changes from one state to another. By inference, the critical point of criminal psychology can be understood as the dividing line between a criminal motive and a criminal action. Therefore, we should take the necessary measures as far as possible before it reaches the critical point. The psychological critical point of a criminal suspect can be generally judged by observing his demeanor, behavior, language tone, etc. For example, the criminal suspect's demeanor shows hesitation, anxiety, panic, left and right, and has not seen the attack for a long time, or the attack is slow and weak, which shows that his inner contradiction is heavy and his confidence is insufficient. Although the criminal motive has been exposed and the facts of the crime have been established, the criminal's psychology has not yet reached the critical point, it has not yet reached the level of complete loss of reason, its behavior is still in the stage of change, has not yet broken through the "degree" constraints, and there are still some rational and inhibitory factors in psychology. At this time, various means and strategies should be used immediately to curb their motives, so that their crimes can be terminated or their subdued. In addition, a flexible strategy is also very important. It must change the enemy strategy with the changes of the situation, the scene and the suspect himself.

Therefore, in the process of dealing with criminal suspects, it is very important for security guards to have good psychological quality, master the critical point of controlling criminal suspects, and use flexible strategies and tactics.


Constantly improve self-defense awareness


1. Learning skills are the basic needs of self-defense.

"Sweating more in peacetime and bleeding less in wartime." The fundamental good strategy to reduce casualties and protect oneself to the greatest extent is to develop a strong ability to capture the enemy. This requires security guards to strengthen physical exercise in peacetime. Good physical fitness is a basic condition for competing with criminal suspects, and it is also the basis for mastering the skills of capturing enemies. While improving physical fitness, we must also practice the basic skills of capturing the enemy, including fighting techniques, baton use techniques, defense techniques, and first aid techniques. At present, security service companies all over the country have special personnel to teach the enemy capture plan, capture tactics, capture strategy, and do not have the idea of going through the motions when studying, which is also the need of self-defense. Only by learning skills can we be fearless in the face of danger, calm in response to changes, and reduce bloodshed and sacrifice.


2, always have a sense of danger.

Security work is dangerous. When on duty, security guards must have danger awareness at any time. At the same time, they must have the ability to recognize danger and be able to detect hidden risk factors as soon as possible. Only when they are prepared can they have a strong response when danger strikes. Ability, in a critical state, can respond quickly to resolve the danger.


3, in addition to courage, there must be a plan.

In the face of danger, the security guard must be calm and quick-witted. To respond appropriately to the situation. For example, when a security guard is on duty, he finds that several gangsters are committing crimes. If he rushes to fight with him and relies on his own strength to stop the crime, in terms of strength, it is almost impossible to win. Under such circumstances, the security guard should use the phone or other means to report the case to the public security organs urgently, and at the same time secretly track the criminal suspects themselves, and do not let them escape. Security guards with security dogs must not be separated from people and dogs when chasing or tracking criminal suspects. When reinforcements arrive, they will assist the public security police to capture the criminal suspect in one fell swoop. This will not only avoid unnecessary harm, but also be more effective. Fight crime and protect the lives and property of the country and people from infringement.

Of course, every case has its particularity. In fact, many security guards encounter cases that don't allow you time to report them. Even so, on the one hand, we should call the police as quickly as possible, on the other hand, we should fight wits and courage in complex situations, such as making full use of the surrounding topography to protect ourselves and avoid being attacked. In actual combat, the shots should be quick, steady, accurate, and ruthless, and try to preemptively attack the enemy with one move. When fighting alone and bravely, it is an effective way to mobilize the masses around and win the support and help of the masses, which can protect themselves to the maximum extent. After subduing the criminal suspect, remember not to be dazzled by victory, and be vigilant to prevent the criminal suspect from using the murder weapon hidden in the clothes to counterattack.

In actual work, some security guards do not pay attention to methods and methods, improperly handle some small problems, and finally lead to major contradictions and conflicts, causing unnecessary casualties. Other security guards are young and impatient, and often fight without saying a few words, which leads to disputes. In order to avoid the occurrence of the above situation, security guards should strengthen the study of laws and regulations, improve legal awareness, improve working methods, and strengthen their own self-cultivation.

In addition, security guards stationed in some special industries and departments, such as hydropower stations, steel mills, nuclear industrial bases, forest areas, etc., must learn and master the necessary professional knowledge. In this way, when there are accidents such as fire, fire, electric leakage, loss and leakage of radioactive materials, the security guards can save national property to the greatest extent, protect people's lives and property, and avoid their own injuries.


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