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First aid knowledge


Bleeding emergency


Causes: Sharp tools such as knives, scissors, etc., which are misused or used in a hurry, can lead to damage, causing blood to flow from the surface of the wound and causing external bleeding. When an object collides with or crushes the body, the deep tissues and internal organs of the body are damaged, blood flows into tissues or body cavities, and internal bleeding is caused. The wound was ejected with a strong pulse, and the person who flushed the bright red blood was an arterial hemorrhage. The wound continued to flow outward. The dark red blood was a venous hemorrhage.

(1) Hemostatic dressing: Use sterile gauze or a clean towel or cloth to fold into a pad that is slightly larger than the wound, cover the wound, and use a bandage or tape to fasten it. However, this method should not be used when there are suspected bone fractures or foreign bodies.

(2) Hemostatic hemostasis: According to the direction of the arteries, in the proximal part of the bleeding wound, pressing the artery with a finger can temporarily stop the bleeding and use it for bleeding of the head, neck, and limbs.

(3) tourniquet hemostasis: use rubber or cloth wound tightly around the site of the wound over the muscles, its elasticity to touch the distal arterial pulse, wound bleeding is appropriate, too loose no hemostatic effect, too tight will affect the blood circulation , damage the nerves, causing limb necrosis. To mark the time when the blood-stained belt is attached to the obvious site, if it is more than two hours, relax every hour for 1 to 3 minutes and switch to acupressure to stop the bleeding. This method is used for bleeding of the major arteries without hemostasis.

(4) For patients with internal hemorrhage or suspicious internal hemorrhage, make the patient absolutely still and raise the lower extremity and quickly send the patient to the nearest hospital for treatment.

(5) Bleeding of minor wounds can be flushed with clean water and dried and covered with a disinfection dressing.


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