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Electric shock emergency knowledge


Electric shock emergency knowledge


Electric shock performance


After getting an electric shock, only the local limbs are numb or tremorless and pale, and individuals who experience electric shock may experience halo. Serious people were knocked down to the ground, consciousness was unclear, and heartbeat breathing stopped. Electric shock can cause electrical burns, and the burned parts are white and black, mostly occurring at the point where the current passes.


Electric shock emergency requirements and principles


First-aid requirements for electric shock: After someone is found to have an electric shock, they must first be removed from the power supply as soon as possible, and then quickly respond to the specific conditions of the electric shocker.

Basic principles of electrocution: The "character of the eight-character principle" should be quickly detached from the power supply, on-site rescue, accurate system, and persistence in rescue. At the same time, according to the wounded needs of the injured, they should contact the hospital promptly to rescue them.


Electric shock method


How to rescue the electric shocker from the power supply


(1) Safety precautions. Mainly include the following:

1 The ambulanceman must not use metal and other moist items as a rescue tool.

2 The ambulance personnel shall not be in direct contact with the skin and wet clothing of the person who is exposed to the electric shock before taking any insulation measures.

3 In the process of detaching the electric shocker from the power supply, the ambulance personnel should preferably use one hand to prevent further electric shock.

4 When the electric shocker stands or is in a high position, measures should be taken to prevent the electric shock from falling or dropping after leaving the power supply.

5 In the event of an electric shock at night, accident lighting or temporary lighting should be considered after the power is turned off to facilitate rescue.

(2) The specific method to remove the electric shock from the power supply. Mainly include the following:

1 If it touches low-voltage live equipment, you should quickly cut off the power, pull the power switch or switch, or use insulated tools, dry wooden sticks, wood and other non-conductive things to get rid of the electric shocker, you can also seize the electric shock is dry and not close Clothes, torn off (remember to avoid touching the metal body and the exposed body of the electric shocker), so that the electric shock from the power.

2 If it touches the high-voltage power supply equipment, quickly cut off the power supply or use an insulated tool (wearing insulated gloves, insulating boots, and insulating rods) suitable for this voltage level to release the electric shocker (pay attention to the safety of the rescue process).

(3) If it touches a high-voltage line that has been dropped on the ground, the ambulance personnel must not approach the area of the cut-off point before the line is confirmed to be without electricity and safety measures (such as wearing boots, etc.) are not made to prevent stepping voltage damage (but Temporarily bring the feet close to the injured person

On-site emergency methods


(1) Symptomatic rescue treatment. Mainly include the following:

1 The person who received the electric shock was not seriously injured, was clear-headed and did not lose consciousness, but his limbs were numb, his body was weak, or the electric shocker was in a coma during the electric shock, but he was awake and should keep the air circulation and keep warm, making the electric shocker quiet. Rest, observe closely, ask a doctor for treatment or hospital.

2If the wounded person is seriously injured and has lost consciousness, but the heart beats and breath still exists, the person who receives the electric shock should be comfortably and quietly supine, and should promptly ask the doctor for treatment or be taken to the hospital. If the person with electrocution has difficulty in breathing, his face looks pale, and he is paralyzed, he should immediately ask the doctor for further treatment.

3 If the injury is particularly serious, the breathing stops or the heartbeat stops, or both of them are stopped, you can still think of death. You should immediately take artificial respiration and chest cardiac compression, and immediately ask the doctor for treatment or hospital.

(2) Treatment of trauma. If the person who receives the electric shock is injured, it can be washed with sterile saline or warm water, then wrapped with a cloth bandage or cloth, and sent to the hospital for treatment. If the wound is bleeding, try to stop the bleeding. The usual method is: lift the bleeding limb up high, or use a clean gauze to stop bleeding and so on.



Emergency care precautions:

(1) If the wounded skin is changed from purple to red in the course of emergency treatment, the pupil changes from large to small, indicating that the effect is seen; when the person with electric shock has slight opening and closing, eyelid activity or throat-like movement, the respiratory and Does the heart rate recover? Unless the person recovers from normal breathing or heartbeat, or if he/she has obvious signs of death (pupil enlargement without light response, skin is gray, body is freezing) and the doctor's diagnosis is dead, he can stop the rescue.

(2) For local trauma caused by electrical injury and fall, appropriate treatment should also be taken in the on-site rescue to prevent bacterial infections and fractures from stabbing the surrounding tissues to alleviate the suffering of the injured.


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