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Security guards in their own defense should pay attention to the problem

At present, with the economic development, the social security situation is becoming more and more serious. As an important social force and auxiliary police force to maintain social stability, public security and public order, the security team is facing more and more severe tests. The industry in which security guards are engaged has certain risks. In actual work, there are often incidents in which security guards fight bravely and gangsters are injured or even sacrificed. The responsibility of ensuring the safety of one party makes the security guards come forward when the safety of the country and people's lives and property is infringed. This sense of mission and responsibility is worth promoting at any time. To avoid bloodshed as much as possible, bring the danger down.

The method of security carry-on escort service.

Due to their special status, high social popularity and social attention, their travel and activities are often noticed by the media and lawbreakers, which is easy to cause people to watch, chase, ask for signatures and illegal infringement by gangsters. This requires security guards to take corresponding safety measures and methods according to different situations to provide them with personal safety protection. According to the security service contract, the 1. formulates the personal guard service plan and determines the work content and specific requirements. The security service contract is the agreement reached between the subject and object of the carry-on security service in accordance with the law, and is the formulation of the following.

Self-Defense Tips for Security Personnel

When we are in danger, we can't do it without a little fighting skills, so next we'll look at the little skills we should know when fighting. First: if we need to fight in public, we need to pay attention to the people around us, because there are more people in public, we can use more upper limb movements, see six ways, and listen to all directions. When necessary, the masses in the car can be fully mobilized to fight together, but safety must be paid attention. Second: in a wide place: at this time, there are few personnel and large venues, so we can fight accordingly and fully cooperate with each other. Local Materials and
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