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Tianjin Security Company: Several Common Suspicious Situations and Treatment Measures for Security Guards Patrolling in Service Areas

Strengthening patrol inspection is an effective measure to prevent, detect and stop criminals in public security prevention work, and taking corresponding measures according to the level of suspicious situation is the focus of patrol work. The following are several common suspicious situations and treatment methods in patrol for practitioners' reference. Suspicious situation 1: some people are wandering in the residential area or can't tell the name and detailed address of the interviewee under the pretext of looking for someone, or they knock on the owner's door one by one or ring the owner's doorbell one by one in the corridor. How to deal with it: pay close attention to its actions and persuade it to leave if necessary. Suspicious situation two: found with control knives, pliers, screwdriver, iron bar

What to pay attention to when checking items on duty

If you see a user carrying a large item, you should approach the user quickly and actively, and politely ask the user to show the item release strip, "Hello, sir (miss)! Do you have an item release strip?" After receiving the item release strip, carefully check whether it is filled in as required and approved by relevant departments. If it has not been approved by the relevant department, it will say "Please complete the signature or seal formalities". If the user does not agree, please explain patiently: "the goods release procedures are stipulated in the management convention, and the purpose is to ensure the property safety of the company in the office building. Please understand and cooperate with our work." Carefully check each one in accordance with the contents listed in the release strip.

Escort security services should master the knowledge

The concept of 1. escort security service escort security service refers to a security activity in which the security service company, at the request of the customer, selects a certain number of security personnel and adopts a series of protective measures to ensure the safe arrival of the transported goods at the destination in order to ensure the safety of the customer's valuables and dangerous goods in transportation. The characteristics of 2. escort security service 1. The escort target is huge. Whether it is the escort of valuables or cash, it is generally large in quantity and high in value. Once a problem occurs, the loss is serious. 2. There are many links in the escort process. Security guards regardless of escorting materials

How to deal with sudden emergencies during patrol

In case of an existing crime, a warning should be given immediately and captured quickly; if the criminal suspect does not listen to the stop, is arrogant, or is likely to escape, a rescue signal should be sent immediately, and the nearest security personnel or client unit and the public security "110" should come to support or deal with it; if the criminal suspect has escaped, organize personnel to chase him as soon as possible and report to the client unit and the "110", pay attention to remember the physical characteristics of the suspect. In the patrol area in case of illegal infringement and disaster accident, should immediately call 110 alarm, immediately report to the customer unit, at the same time to other security personnel to send a request for support signal. At the same time, do a good job of on-site protection.

Family fire safety small knowledge

Family fire safety knowledge: 1. household appliances in a long time, overload use, easily lead to fire, in order to prevent the occurrence of fire, household appliances should be placed in the moisture, sunscreen, ventilation, around do not store flammable, explosive items, all kinds of sockets should be away from the source of fire. 2. Liquefied gas stoves should pay attention to the usual maintenance, in the event of pipeline damage and leakage timely maintenance. 3. Whether the elderly and children in the family have the habit of smoking and playing with fire, they should strengthen their fire prevention education and enhance their fire safety awareness. 4. Whether there are sundries piled up in the staircase, balcony and other passages in the home, it is better not to install them.

Eight Swatches and Eight Pair of Skills in Security Officer's Checks

When performing duties, security guards should master the basic methods and skills of finding and checking suspicious persons: "eight looks" and "eight pairs". Look at the certificate, the name, the appearance, the age, the career, the occupation, the place of origin, the accent, the words and deeds, the education, the clothing, the identity, the article, the origin, the peer, the relationship, the difference between behavior and time, the difference between behavior and environment, the difference between behavior and occasion, the difference between behavior and purpose, so as to find doubtful points and crack down on crime.
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