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Tianjin Security Company: How to Solve These Difficult Problems Encountered by Security Monitor

The ability of the security squad leader to deal with problems is the key to the successful completion of the security task. The ability to deal with problems depends on the quality of the squad leader, and the quality depends on whether the squad leader can be good at learning, good at summing up experience, and apply what he has learned and summarized experience to his work. Therefore, today, I sorted out several common problems encountered by the security monitor in his work. 01. What should the team members do if they don't want to attend the meeting and study? First, make it clear to the team members that the meeting is one of the important methods to exchange information, understand the society and report the situation from the top to the bottom, so as to keep up with the pace of the times. To raise awareness of the importance of meeting and learning. its

Tianjin Security Company: First Aid Common Sense

How to do chest compressions chest compressions is a first aid method for the recovery of the heart when the heart stops beating by artificial methods. Heart stop should be performed immediately outside the chest heart compression, specific methods are as follows: 1, quickly put the patient in a supine position, flat on the ground or hard board, untie the collar, head back to make the airway open. Rescuers kneel (or stand) on the patient's left side and blow a few breaths to the patient's mouth first to keep the respiratory tract unobstructed and get oxygen. 2. The pressing site is the junction of 1/3 of the middle sternum and 1/3 of the lower sternum. 3. The root of the left palm is closely attached to the pressing area, and the root of the right palm is overlapped on the back of the left hand to make all fingers break away from the chest wall.

Check it out! Are you a good manager?

According to the development of contemporary security enterprises and the characteristics of security guards, what kind of managers do security guards need? What kind of excellent managers are in the eyes of security guards? In summary, there are four points: 1. managers should have an affinity to win the praise of security guards. In addition to skilled professional skills, there should be an affinity. How can we have affinity? The answer is, be a friend of the security guard. The relationship between managers and security guards should not only be a relationship between superiors and subordinates, but also a relationship of friends. We should respect security guards, take the initiative to make friends with security guards, and do not forget to study "management psychology" in our spare time, and analyze it from various angles.

Key points of security patrol work

Security patrol refers to a security service activity in which a security service company sends security personnel to patrol, inspect and alert the customer unit or a place or part of the customer unit according to the security service contract, so as to discover, correct and prevent various factors affecting internal security, so as to ensure the safety of the customer unit. The main characteristics of security patrol 1 activity. This is the most prominent feature of security patrols. In order to ensure the safety of customer units, security patrols often use walking or cycling methods to tour around relevant places, parts, and road sections to prevent various problems. 2. Initiative. Relative to door guard

Security work tips

The "five choices and five no choices" for 1. security patrols In security patrols, the choice of patrol environment, patrol area, patrol section, patrol bayonet, and the choice of basic conditions for residential areas and enterprises and institutions directly affect the work. Efficiency and effectiveness. 1, the patrol environment to choose black not to choose bright on the patrol environment, usually choose no lighting or relatively dark geographical environment. Why? Mainly because the selection of black crime has always been one of the characteristics of illegal crime. 2. The patrol area is quiet but not noisy. Usually, the area with relatively few pedestrians and no dogs is noisy is selected. 3, patrol section choose small not to choose

Heat stroke emergency rescue knowledge

Common types of heatstroke The so-called heatstroke is a rise in body temperature caused by the inability of the human body to emit excessive heat in a hot environment. Heatstroke can be divided into the following three types according to the severity of the disease: 1. threatened heatstroke in a high temperature environment, heat stroke patients have dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, nausea, chest tightness, palpitation, weakness, thirst, profuse sweating, inattention, and numbness in their limbs. at this time, the body temperature is normal or slightly higher, generally not more than 37.5 ℃. This is a harbinger of heat stroke. If timely measures are taken, such as leaving the high temperature site quickly, the occurrence of heat stroke can be prevented. 2. In addition to the symptoms of threatened heatstroke, mild heatstroke also has flushing or
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